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Thursday 13 August, 2020

'Mama' helps hikers in Blanchisseuse

Photo courtesy the Blanchisseuse Beach Facility.

Photo courtesy the Blanchisseuse Beach Facility.

Many Trinis may be familiar with the wandering helpful dog from the television series ‘The Littlest Hobo’, but it seems Trinidad has its own guide-dog in the Blanchisseuse hiking community.

Facebook page Blanchisseuse Beach Facility shared a photo of ‘Mama’, a local dog that they said has even helped lost hikers find their way to safety.

The post has since gone viral with almost 1,000 shares and over 500 likes. 

“This is Mama she is your hiking guide at the Blanchisseuse Beach Facility she accompanies hikers to Paria Falls and 3 Pools."

“One particular couple said they got lost on the Paria trail and Mama brought them out. Let's make Mama famous.”

(Photo courtesy Facebook user Cheri-Ann Pascall.)

Many said they had seen Mama while hiking and loved her friendly disposition and helpfulness.

“I had noticed her on the beach the morning of our hike. I was surprised when she started following us and our guide. She was such a joy to have accompany us. She seemed so at ease in that terrain... was very impressed by her,” said Devika Maharaj.

Cheri-Ann Pascal: “So that’s her name!! She was a real gem and a great guide dog on the trail.”

Reshma Balroop: “Saw her today totally an awesome dog.”

Mel H Ram: “She is sooooo adorable... today she hung out with us for lunch, tagged along and kept us company by the river, then escorted us back to our vehicle. Of course she got treated with food, cookies and love ups for being such a loving well behaved girl.”

Fadilah Sahajad-Massahood: “She hiked into Paria with us last week Saturday...she and a small brown one, and hiked back out...great company on the trail.”

A Facebook user who claimed to be Mama’s owner, said that Mama likes to ‘be free’:

Kelifa Aaron: “I'm her owner she doesn't like to be chained up...mama likes to be free.”

Have you seen Mama while hiking on Trinidad's north coast?

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