Sunday 20 May, 2018

Man walks from Moruga to Port-of-Spain against crime

Kesta Stoute, 26, will walk from Harris Promenade, San Fernando to Couva this Saturday, March 25.

It does not stop there as he is planning to take this walk all the way to Port-of-Spain. This means that he will mark the dates to walk from Couva to Chaguanas and then from Chaguanas to the capital city.

Speaking with Loop TT today, Stoute said it all began after reading that the body of WPC Nyasha Joseph was found in the Gulf of Paria last week. He said crime is spiraling out of control and decided to be the change he wanted to see.

The former Cowen Hamilton Secondary School student is hoping that this walk encourages conversation and proves to criminal elements that the future generation is being ripped apart by their actions.

“I think that change should start with young people and by me doing something like this, I hope and I pray that people who have the intent to commit crime or who may have committed crime would see that young people who are the future generation, they are dying and they have a voice and they are seeking to let their voices be heard and I am letting my voice be heard by doing this.”

Stoute said he visited the Princes Town Police Station following his walk on Saturday, to thank the officers for their service to the country and to apologize on behalf of all citizens who give them a hard time. He said the officers were supportive and congratulated him on his efforts. Stoute also had a message for families of and victims of crime.

“I would like to tell them first and foremost that I am sorry. I am sorry for people turning to a life of crime and I’m sorry for those who may have lost loved ones even though ‘sorry’ will not bring them back. I think that people resort to a life of crime because they do not know better or don’t see a sense of change and for that, I apologize. I’m sorry for what you’re going through, what you’ve been through and I would like to say that there is still hope.”

He said his walk to San Fernando was not without challenges but he’s happy he was able to complete the feat. The St Mary’s Village, Moruga man said he initially wanted to stage a silent protest on the Princes Town, Promenade but resorted to the walk after recognizing that he would need permission from the TTPS to do so.

Today, Stoute delivered a letter to the Commissioner of Police requesting permission to hold the silent protest.