Sunday 8 December, 2019

MANGO's green again mission completed

With goals of promoting healthier lifestyles, encouraging and showcasing entrepreneurial spirit and focusing on sustainable community initiatives, the Malabar Arima Non- Governmental Organisation (MANGO) recently completed a three-pronged process to ‘Make Arima Green Again.’

The project began in April when the community sought a grant through the Digicel Foundation’s Extraordinary Projects Impacting Communities (EPIC) programme.

Phase one of the project brought residents and entrepreneurs together in a ‘Market Day’, which showcased their goods and services.

Phase two comprised a partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, who provided 500 citrus plants.

The plants were distributed to Arima residents, with the aim of encouraging and highlighting the benefits of growing your own food.

Last week, the EPIC initiative culminated with the third phase, a grow box, which the community harvested.

Representative from the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries, Ravi Narine assisted with the harvest and demonstrated best practices which should be incorporated when growing and harvesting short crops such as Patchoi, Celery, Chive and Parsley.

The grow-boxes will assist the MANGO off-set costs associated with the project and act as a demo unit for the residents of Arima.


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