Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Marcia Ayers-Caesar resigns as Supreme Court judge

Marcia Ayers-Caesar has resigned from her new appointment as a Supreme Court Judge.

In a statement, the former Chief Magistrate said that after careful deliberation she met with Chief Justice Ivor Archie before delivering her resignation letter to President Anthony Carmona at 5.30 pm on Thursday.

Her resignation follows reports that several prisoners, some who have been in remand for over five years as their matter drags on in the preliminary inquiry phase of the proceedings, reportedly began complaining loudly on Wednesday after all their matters were adjourned to May. 

LoopTT was told that the matters were adjourned by Deputy Chief Magistrate Busby Earle-Caddle who is acting in the position of Chief Magistrate until a permanent appointment is made.

However, due to the fact that the matters before her were part heard, the acting Chief Magistrate said she had to seek advice on how to proceed with the matters.

"I acknowledge the concerns raised with respect to the various matters which were not completed before me as Chief Magistrate by the time of my appointment to the Bench of the Supreme Court of Justice and recognise the effect the failure to complete these matters will invariably have on the stakeholders in the criminal justice system particularly accused persons, victims of crime and members of the legal profession," Ayers-Caesar said in a statement, 

"Upon mature reflection, I am of the considered view that it would have been preferable that I advise the judicial and legal service commission of the full state of my list and request further time to bring matters to completion before confirming my readiness to assume duties as judge of the Supreme Court," she added.

She said she regrets the effects of her action on those she strives to serve.

Caption: Chief Justice Ivor Archie

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