Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Marijuana activist arrested for obscene language

A well-known marijuana activist was arrested outside of parliament on Friday afternoon.

According to police reports, around 12.45 pm, the woman was standing along the pavement along Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, with a sign that read “Honk your horn for the herb!” on one side and, “Free the ganja!” on the other.

Motorists responded to her by slowing down and blowing their horns.

While she was outside the parliament, the activist was approached by officers from the Guard and Emergency Branch who warned the activist that her sign and her actions were causing a distraction for the proceedings in parliament.

Police said they told her that she could not protest outside the parliament.

According to police, the activist then cursed in their presence saying “Free the (expletive) ganja!”, giving them a reason to take her into custody.

She was taken to the central police station along St Vincent Street, Port of Spain, where she was charged with the offence of using obscene language to the annoyance of others.

She was given own bail, and a date to appear before the courts.

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