Friday 4 December, 2020

Mario's Pizza takes action after rodent spotted in restaurant

The 2007 movie Ratatouille comes to mind when one sees the video showing a rodent comfortably moving about inside the Port of Spain branch of Mario's Pizza restaurant.

The 28-second-long clip was shared to Facebook yesterday by the page Caught on Camera.

The video, which was viewed over 25,000 times and shared over one thousand times, shows a rodent moving about inside the company's Port of Spain branch.

The person recording the video is heard spewing expletives, as he expressed disgust at the sight of rodent in the restaurant, while it appears customers move about inside.

Some media users expressed outrage, with many expressing concern over the possibility of leptospirosis.

One user identified as Beatriz Ramoutarsingh noted the seriousness of the issue, “The problem is the sickness that is caused by rats. People died and get diagnosed after death.”

Others had a little fun, linking the video to the popular Ratatouille animated movie.

Salisha Baird joked, “Ratatouille come down for carnival.”

The restaurant responded said that it was aware of the video circulating online.

The company said it regrets that this incident occurred and informed that as soon it was brought to its attention it contacted its Pest Control Company.

It took responsibility for the incident, saying it had fallen short on this occasion.

“We have a rigorous pest control maintenance program; however, it is clear that we have fallen short on this occasion. Our Pest Control Contractor has responded immediately this morning. They have rebaited all rodent stations and sprayed for crawling insects as they would usually do.

They have investigated and taken corrective action. They will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of public health and safety for our valued customers,” the restaurant explained.

The company also apologised to its customers for the incident.

“We apologise for this incident as we take our quality standards seriously and we remain committed to ensuring we deliver the best experience to our customers, as we have been doing for over 46 years,” the restaurant assured.

It urged customers who may have any concerns or questions to contact the company's Brand Coordinator at 391-8122.

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