Saturday 28 November, 2020

Masqueraders urged to maintain safety during Carnival

Masqueraders and spectators alike are being asked to take precautions to ensure their safety during Carnival festivities.

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) says its National Emergency Operations Centre remains in monitoring mode at this time.

In keeping with ensuring the safety of all, the ODPM issued the following safety tips:

• Only carry what you need to get you through the day. You can leave those extra credit cards and spare keys back at your hotel (in a well-hidden and secured area).

• Remove valuable items from your pockets if possible.

• If you must carry a bag, make it small and in a cross-body style that you can keep in front of you.

• Maintain awareness of who is around you and what they are doing. If you see something suspicious, make eye contact with the perpetrator so that they know you are aware of their actions. You should also report this to security personnel or a police officer.

• Be aware of your surroundings and do not walk off into secluded unprotected areas on your own.

• Stay alert and do not accept drinks from strangers.

The ODPM urged citizens to take all precautions to preserve life and property.

Should an emergency arise, contact the ODPM's Customer Care Centre at 511 or 211 for the Tobago Emergency Management Agency.

Additional emergency hotline numbers include TT Police Service: 999. TT Fire Service: 990 and Ambulance Service: 811. Visit for additional safety tips and information.

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