Tuesday 12 November, 2019

WATCH: Massy Stores responds to 'plastic cheese' video in St Vincent

Massy Stores has responded to allegations by a customer in St Vincent and the Grenadines regarding cheese which she claimed was substandard. 

The company said in a statement to their Facebook page on Saturday that the issue is being addressed. 

"You’ve probably seen it via WhatsApp or maybe on another social media site. We’re here to let you know that the cheese video showing a customer claiming that cheese purchased from Massy Stores in St. Vincent is not fit for consumption is being addressed. The St. Vincent team does not take these types of claims lightly and are investigating this matter directly with the source, the customer.

While Massy Stores St. Vincent does not manufacture the products they sell, their team takes great care in working with reputable suppliers and as such have an excellent track record of buying and selling food that is safe for the St. Vincent customers," the company said.

"I started my macaroni pie and lo and behold, when I put in my cheese, I noticed it's not melting. I usually make a cream sauce and I noticed that it's going to the bottom, heavy heavy, so I took out some and I wash it...plastic cheese...that's not how cheese supposed to be," she said. 

View the video which has been circulating online below: 


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