Sunday 29 November, 2020

Mayaro beach resort welcomes pets, embraces nature

Photos L-R: Happy pets explore Point Radix. Toucan House (right) is also available for rent. All photos courtesy Point Radix.

Photos L-R: Happy pets explore Point Radix. Toucan House (right) is also available for rent. All photos courtesy Point Radix.

Families seeking a staycation amidst untouched natural beauty can now also bring along their four-legged family members while staying at a Mayaro nature resort.

Point Radix, a family estate which was recently renovated into resort cottages in Mayaro, welcomes families as well as their pets; a fairly new concept for vacation rentals in Trinidad and Tobago.

Family member and estate representative Raquel Thavenot told Loop News that pets have always been welcomed at the resort however with the recent re-opening after the COVID-19 lockdown, they decided to let the public know via social media posts.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, she says.

‘Pets have always been welcome at Point Radix, but we haven’t advertised it before. We realised a lot more people were asking, ‘can I bring my pets’ and we realised this is something a lot of other people were interested in knowing.’

As a fellow pet lover, Thavenot said they appreciate that families want to take their beloved pets with them.

‘I think people are quite happy about it and it seems to be one of the few places that welcomes pets.’

(Photo: The Tarantula Cottage is also available for rent at Point Radix. All photos courtesy Point Radix.)

Thavenot said the estate has been in the family for decades with the main building, the Matapal Estate House. In 2017 they decided to build five other cottages which they now rent out to guests.

All six cottages, including Matapal Estate House, are available for rent. 

The family has also worked hard to ensure that the majority of the 350-acre property, known as the Ben Deloraine Nature Reserve, remains untouched, preserving the natural ecosystem.

In fact, the beach which borders the property is a nesting site for Leatherback turtles.

(Photo: Leatherback turtles have been seen nesting at the beach at Point Radix, and a wide variety of birds can be seen on the nature reserve. All photos courtesy Point Radix.)

The nature reserve also has toucans, silky anteaters, a variety of birds as well as an apiary which produces local honey, called Doo Doo Darlin'.

(Photo: A protected silky anteater was spotted at the reserve. The estate has a strict 'no hunting' policy at its resort. All photos courtesy Point Radix.)

Guests can also have a free tour of the apiary or do various activities on the estate including biking, fishing, walking, jogging and other outdoor activities.

Increased response since COVID-19 lockdown

Thavenot said since the re-opening, many people have been calling to enquire about the cottages.

‘The response this month after has been the best since we’ve began. We’ve had a lot of people enquiring.’

She said after being cooped up inside, people are longing to reunite with nature again.

‘It’s a really peaceful place being close to nature and far from cities. We think it’s nice to disconnect from technology for a change, connect with people and spend time with nature. At Point Radix we want to take it back to simpler times where people spend their time with family and friends.’

(Photo: The Chien Bois resort is tucked away amid lush foliage. All photos courtesy Point Radix.)

Guests can even arrange tours with the nearby Nariva swamp, which is a protected area and is home to many endemic species.

Moving forward, Thavenot said the family is working on creating a campsite with amenities for campers.

An added bonus, she said, is a well-known nearby seafood restaurant which many visit for a delicious quick bite. Often, they stay on at the resort.

‘Most of the cottages are self-contained so people can prepare their own meals, but if they do want to eat out there’s Ducky’s nearby which makes delicious seafood.’

She said her family has always loved getting back to nature.

(Photo: A secluded nook on the way to a beach bordering the property. All photos courtesy Point Radix.)

‘My family has always been focused on the environment; they like to see people enjoying all of the natural beauty that Mother Nature has blessed us with.’

‘I feel like a lot of people are growing up distanced from that. It’s a really great place for kids where they can play and enjoy nature. It’s a nice change of scenery for adults as well who are surrounded by the office or stuck at home all the time.’

(Photo: Pillowee Cottage at Point Radix. All photos courtesy Point Radix.)

Families who bring pets are urged to follow the safety guidelines set up by the resort in order to ensure their safety, which can be found on their Facebook page.

Because of the large size of the property, owners are urged to keep their pets on leashes and keep them contained at night.

They have also advised to keep pets off beds and sofas as some people may have allergies.

She hopes that more resorts will embrace pet-friendly policies at their vacation homes.

‘We’re happy to be one of the first people to welcome pets at our resort and hopefully we can set the trend where more families will be able to take their pets with them on vacation.’

The resort also caters for small weddings of up to 75 people and can also hold retreats. 

The resort also has a strict 'no hunting' policy. 

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