Sunday 29 November, 2020

McDonald's invites customers to tour operations in Open Door Programme

McDonalds Open Door Programme allows customers to get a look at the back end operations.

McDonalds Open Door Programme allows customers to get a look at the back end operations.

If you ever wondered how your favourite McDonald's burger is made or what happens behind the counter, wonder no more. 

Through McDonald's Open Door Programme, customers can request a chance to tour behind the counter to see what goes down. 

McDonald’s Open Doors initiative was created four years ago in alignment with the International Day for Universal Access to Information, which was declared by UNESCO to raise awareness about the importance of the right to information throughout the world. This is considered an essential step in the global agenda of sustainable development.

A press release from McDonald's said a recent consumer research by the consultant firm, Trensity, in Latin América found that 94 percent of consumers associate openness with a transparent brand. Ninety-one percent of consumers are concerned about the preparation process of their food in the restaurants they frequent. Key topics of concern are the cleaning process, staff hygiene, and ingredient quality.

Also, 86 percent of consumers said they trust what they can see for themselves. That explains why, after participating in an Open Doors Tour, consumers’ trust in Quick Service Restaurants increased by 13 percent, the restaurant brand said.

On September 27, McDonald’s demonstrated its commitment to greater transparency with its Open Doors Day, a special celebration of its year-round programme which has allowed over eight million customers in Latin America and the Caribbean to have a behind the scenes look at how the world-famous meals are prepared.

At Open Doors Day, Kalifa Duncan, Market Supervisor for McDonald’s Trinidad and Tobago, led a tour, featuring popular entertainer, Keevo. Tour participants had the opportunity to validate the quality of ingredients, learn food safety protocols, and discover the truth behind McDonald’s food myths.

“It is important to us that our consumers trust our processes, and greater transparency is key to building this trust,” stated Duncan.

“Open Doors is an excellent opportunity for our consumers to become clear on the quality of our processes and ingredients and we have received extremely positive feedback from our participants, many of whom believe other restaurants should implement a similar initiative. McDonald’s is proud to take a leading role in advocating better access to information in Trinidad and Tobago’s business landscape.”

Loop got a tour. We learned how to wash our arms as the first step of hygiene after covering our hair with a hairnet. We saw how food is stored and the system used to ensure all products are fresh. We saw where cold items are stored, how chicken is fried and tested to ensure they are the right temperature, how burgers are assembled and how fries are made. 
Customers can request an Open Doors tour throughout the year at any McDonald’s restaurant across Trinidad and Tobago.

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