Sunday 29 November, 2020

McDonald’s makes families happy with Lego movie 2 ticket giveaways

Kristie Farfan, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, MovieTowne, and Kalifa Duncan, Market Supervisor, McDonald's , present a young winner with her movie ticket

Kristie Farfan, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, MovieTowne, and Kalifa Duncan, Market Supervisor, McDonald's , present a young winner with her movie ticket

Over 100 MovieTowne tickets were given to the lucky winners of the McDonald’s Happy Meal Lego Movie 2 promotion at McDonald’s branches across the country. Tickets were distributed to winners who downloaded the McDonald’s app and displayed the 'Lego Movie 2' promotion code at the register while purchasing a Happy Meal, from February 23 – 28.

The promotion celebrated McDonald’s latest addition to its Happy Meal toy collection. All customers can collect up to ten new toys with their Happy Meals, which are available for a limited time. Families can enjoy the toys which highlight the new adventures of Emmett and many of the movie’s most beloved characters.

There are ten new toys available with different functions, giving parents and children the chance to have fun together and develop their imagination. Each toy has an additional game inside that allows families to embark on a legendary voyage from another galaxy.

1. Emmet TM: comes with a puzzle - to assemble it you must move one frame at a time.

2. Batman TM: contains a maze game.

3. Free Style: when you open it, you will find a disk launcher.

4. Sweet Mayhem TM: comes with cardboard characters to put together.

5. Duplo Alien I: have fun assembling rows of three, repeating the character.

6. Superman TM: comes with a pinball game.

7. Unikitty TM: inside there is a twelve-card combination game.

8. Wonder Woman: contains a hooter.

9. Duplo Alien II: has two fun puzzles with three pieces each, with 4 different characters.

10. Metallic beard: it comes with a magnetic puzzle.

“MovieTowne is pleased to partner with McDonald’s to treat our young winners,” stated Kristie Farfan, Social Media, and Marketing Coordinator, MovieTowne. “The 'Lego Movie 2' is a fun adventure that will thrill viewers and provide a fun experience for the whole family.”

Kalifa Duncan, Market Supervisor, Arcos Dorados Trinidad Ltd., presented the youngsters with their tickets. “With our Happy Meal toy collection, we get to give our customers an extra fun experience,” she said. “These interactive 'Lego Movie 2' toys will give families a great opportunity to play and expand their imaginations. We look forward to having all our customers share in the fun!”

McDonald’s has been making meaningful changes to the Happy Meal as part of its commitment to families. Five goals have been set:

  1. Offer balanced meals aligned with its Global Happy Meal Nutritional Criteria of less than or equal to:
  •  ≤ 600 calories. Current Happy Meal offer in Trinidad and Tobago ranges from 335 Kcal to 470 Kcal considering all possible combinations.
  •  ≤ 10 percent of calories from saturated fat.
  • ≤ 650mg sodium
  • ≤ 10 percent of calories from added sugar
  1. Simplify Ingredients: Happy Meals do not have artificial flavours and added colours from artificial sources. 
  2. Be Transparent with Happy Meal Nutrition Information: Information available on the McDonald’s website, in restaurants and on the mobile app. Also, every family is welcomed for an Open Doors tour at McDonald’s where they can pass beyond the counter and find out how the Magic happens in the kitchens.
  3. Market Responsibly: all Happy Meal Bundles advertised to children will meet McDonald’s Global Happy Meal Nutrition Criteria and will continue to meet applicable local/regional advertising pledges with respect to marketing to children.
  1. Leverage Innovative Marketing to Help Increase Purchase of Foods and Beverages that Contain Recommended Food Groups in Happy Meals: to help serve more foods and beverages containing fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, lean protein and/or water within Happy Meals. 

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