Thursday 1 October, 2020

McDonald's raises over $31,000 for Heroes Foundation

Photo courtesy McDonalds.

Photo courtesy McDonalds.

The Heroes Foundation will be the recipient of over $31,000 as a result of fund-raising activities done through McDonald's Trinidad and Tobago's ‘Great Day’ campaign.

The company said in a statement issued Wednesday that the company registered record-breaking sales in Trinidad after consumers purchased over 1,000 Big Macs to support the cause.

As a result, a total of TT$31,330 will be donated to the Heroes Foundation.

The ‘Great Day’ campaign used all the sales from its most iconic burger – the Big Mac, to service the needs of youth in Trinidad and Tobago.

Kalifa Duncan, Market Manager of McDonald’s Trinidad and Tobago, said hundreds of people took part in ‘Great Day’ festivities across the four McDonald’s restaurants by purchasing Big Macs on November 29, 2019.

The sales surpassed the previous record of 1,000 Big Macs sold, the company said.

This year we sold 1,205 Big Macs which is a slight increase from the 2018 campaign. We are extremely excited to see more and more participation in this cause. We believe the needs of our youth should be in the foremost of our thoughts,” said Duncan.

Najette Abraham, outgoing Chief Executive Officer of The Heroes Foundation said funding the Big Brother/Big Sister mentorship programme is important as it is for youths who particularly need guidance.

We believe that by giving our youths the opportunity to participate in initiatives which they may not have experienced otherwise is a way to enhance skills, develop cultural change and contribute to society.”

The Big Brothers/Big Sisters programme works alongside the Youth Development Programme which operates Heroes Clubs in 15 secondary schools and one primary school.

The cheque to The Heroes Foundation was handed over on February 7, 2020.

Duncan said, “McDonald’s Trinidad and Tobago would like thank members of the public, its customers and supporters who supported the 2019 Great Day campaign. Our crew and staff are proud to help make our communities a better place for youth and families.”

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