Thursday 29 October, 2020

McDonald's reduces plastic use in Trinidad and Tobago

As part of McDonald’s initiative to use its scale to contribute to positive changes in the communities where it operates, Arcos Dorados - McDonald’s franchisee in Latin America and the Caribbean- will cease to offer plastic straws in its 2,100 restaurants across the region, from October 31.

Straws will be provided only for those customers who expressly request them. For now, straws will still be available at the drive-thru.

This step is part of a global assessment within McDonald’s to transition to packaging alternatives that are 100% renewable, recyclable or from certified sources towards 2025; to reduce its impact in the environment and take action on one of the most important challenges of society. This path aims to reduce plastic consumption and is the first move to more sustainable alternatives to plastic straws.

The initiative has been tested in Latin American countries such as Colombia and Uruguay, and many other countries around the world. Arcos Dorados aims to avoid the consumption of close to 300 tons of plastic, based on the results of the test conducted in Colombia, where 6 out of 10 consumers preferred not to use the straw in their beverage.

“We are looking for ways to use our scale to make a positive impact in society and the environment, as part of our ‘Scale for Good’ goals. The initiatives we have announced recently regarding our commitment to youth opportunities and employment, kid’s nutrition, sustainable packaging and actions to curb climate change; allow us to effectively contribute to the change of consumer’s habits and behaviors so we all can live in a better world” said Woods Staton, Executive Chairman of Arcos Dorados. 

McDonald’s goal is to recycle packaging used in 100% of its restaurants towards 2025, considering local infrastructure for recycling, legislation and consumer behavior in the different cities in which the brand operates; aiming to become part of the solution and to influence this critical change.

Globally, the company has been creating awareness about the collection and recycling of its packaging at restaurants, and now is working on finding more sustainable alternatives to plastic straws. In fact, McDonald’s is currently testing different solutions to more sustainable packaging through tests in different countries.

Recently, the Company announced a partnership with Starbucks and Closed Loop Partners, a group of investors in sustainable goods, to launch the “NextGen Cup Consortium and Challenge” with the goal promote innovation of the cups that are currently used in the industry, to make them completely recyclable and environmentally friendly”.   


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