Friday 29 May, 2020

McDonald’s takes action for Earth Hour

This Saturday, McDonald’s Trinidad will join the world in participating in the global environmental movement, Earth Hour.

At 8:30 PM, McDonald’s will make a visual display of its commitment to environmental sustainability with a shut-down of all non-essential lights, for an hour, throughout its locations in Trinidad and across the Caribbean and Latin America.

For the past decade, Arcos Dorados, the world’s largest independent McDonald’s franchisee, has partnered with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to take part in Earth Hour and leverage its scale to create awareness about the most urgent environmental challenges for our planet.

The Earth Hour is a global campaign, which started in 2007 as a symbolic light out event in Sydney, Australia. It has now become the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment, inspiring millions of people to take action to reduce consumption of natural resources by turning off lights for an hour. 

McDonald’s Earth Hour action takes place under the organisation’s “Recipe for the Future” initiative, which also involves sustainable packaging, recycling, and actions to curb climate change, among others. On those fronts, the company has made significant strides.

Currently, 90% of paper packaging comes from renewable sources. In addition, McDonald’s has ceased to offer plastic straws in its restaurants across Latin America and the Caribbean, including Trinidad & Tobago, aiming to reduce approximately 300 tons of plastic waste per year.

“McDonald’s is proud to be part of the essential change that Earth Hour represents,” said Kalifa Duncan, McDonald’s Market Manager. “For us, the Earth Hour is an opportunity to create awareness in our customers about the importance of using our planet’s resources more responsibly. At McDonald’s, we are committed to a more sustainable operation and that is why we’re implementing different initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment”.

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