Thursday 20 February, 2020

Met Office: Reduced water availability in dry season 2017

Expect warmer days and warmer nights come 2017, with record temperatures highly likely during the dry season especially in the month of March.

That’s according to the Meteorological Service (Met Office) which in its Rainfall and Temperature Outlook for Dry Season 2017 predicts warmer than normal temperatures over T&T in the first three months of the new year.

There’s an 85 percent chance that mean maximum temperatures will be warmer than average; greater than 31.3 degrees in Trinidad and 30.2 degrees in Tobago.

The Met Office also notes an 80 percent chance of warmer night-time minimum temperatures, higher than the average 23.4 degrees.

There’s a moderate chance of maximum temperatures climbing above 32.5 degrees in both Trinidad and Tobago in March 2017.

While normal to near normal rainfall is expected during the January to March 2017 period, rainfall may not be sufficient to replenish water reservoir levels, increasing the need to collect and store water in containers, which can lead to a greater number of breeding areas for mosquitoes.

Drier and hotter conditions will also see an increase hot spells, bush and forest fire potential, especially during late February and March 2017.

The Met Office warns that underperformance of rainfall in the 2016 wet season will lead to reduced water availability in the upcoming 2017 dry season, particularly in Tobago.

It’s advising citizens to conserve, store and manage water in a safe and adequate manner and use water wisely. 


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