Friday 30 October, 2020

Meteor shower to light up night sky

Trinidad and Tobago will have a front-row seat to the Orionids meteor shower tonight - weather permitting. 

The celestial spectacle will reach its peak at 11 pm.

But, with current weather conditions, some may find it difficult to catch a glimpse of the meteors streaking across the night sky.

The Meteorological Service (Met Office) said an increase in cloud cover and showers is likely as the night progresses, but viewing should be unaffected at first. 

Spectators will be able to see it by looking toward the east, near Orion's belt. 

Viewers should take note that artificial light and moonlight may obscure their view to the astronomical show.

Orionids fly each year around October 2 to November 7 when Earth is passing through the stream of debris left behind by Comet Halley, the parent comet of the Orionid shower.

The meteor shower usually peaks around October 20/21. At its peak, up to 20 meteors are visible every hour.

No special equipment is required to view tonight's meteor shower. All you really need is a clear sky.

The following tips from Time and Date can help maximise your shooting star viewing experience.

1. Find a secluded viewing spot, away from the city lights. Once at the venue, your eyes may take 15 to 20 minutes to get used to the dark.

2. Dress for the weather, and make sure you are comfortable, especially if you plan to stay out long. Bring a blanket or a comfortable chair with you—meteor watching can be a waiting game.

3. Once you have found your viewing spot, lie down on the ground and look up in the direction of the radiant. 

Enjoy the show!

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