Friday 23 August, 2019

Mickela Panday gets backing to form new political party

Mickela Panday (Right) and her father, Basdeo Panday

Mickela Panday (Right) and her father, Basdeo Panday

Mickela Panday has gotten the backing of her supporters to form a new political party.

Mickela, who is the daughter of former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday held her first meet and greet session entitled, ‘It’s Time,’ at Gaston Courts, in Chaguanas on Sunday.

Scores of people including former People’s National Party (PNM) member Louis Lee Sing, United National Congress (UNC) MP Ganga Singh, New National Vision leader Fuad Abu Bakr, former PNM member Harry Ragoonanan and former UNC member Subhas Panday were among those in attendance.

The crowd was asked if it would support a new political party.

“Do you think we should form a new party?”

They responded with a resounding yes.

“Then we have a consensus,” declared chairman of the session Dr. Ronald Roopnarine.

Earlier, Mickela told supporters that the time has come for real change.

“But it’s going to take work, hard work. And today the decision is not up to me, the decision is up to you. You have to decide! For those of us who need and want real change and I believe we are in the majority, the time is now,” she declared.

This as she said that for some time now many people have been feeling a deepening sense of despair and worry concerning the direction the country has been heading.

Would you be open to supporting a new political party?

Not Sure

She said the country continues to be plagued by a number of issues including crime.

Mickela further questioned how citizens could be happy if they lack the basic necessities.

She said it was because of this she decided to hold the forum - to give people a chance to have their views heard regarding the current state of the country and the way forward.

“This feeling of hopelessness, unease and discontent was not limited to any one group of persons of any particular age, class, race, colour or from any particular geographical area, but from throughout the country, as evidenced in over the thousands of complaints received every day appearing in the media. There seems to be what I can only describe as a paralysing reluctance on the part of someone to do something or anything about. So we decided to step up by holding this open forum today,” she told those gathered.

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