Friday 30 October, 2020

Microsoft dispels myths about the digital transformation in SMEs

In recent months, the digital transformation has advanced at an accelerated pace, impacting businesses regardless of their size.

Now more than ever, Small to Medium Enterprises are presented with new challenges as they find themselves looking for ways of adapting their processes in order to maintain their business afloat.

According to the World Economic Forum, companies that invest in the use of technology including Robotics, IoT and Cognitive Services could increase their productivity up to three times.

There are three myths about the digital transformation in SMEs that Microsoft can help you disprove:

Myth about cost: It is said that “Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and the cloud are only accessible to large companies due to their very high cost, which SMEs cannot afford.” However, the use of the cloud has democratised access to all its technology, since it allows SMEs to pay for what they use through a monthly subscription. Allowing users to enjoy access to first-class solutions, while saving on large capital investments. Additionally, it’s not necessary to constantly invest in new software or in managing updates, since the service is permanently updated.

Myth of Conservatism: "SMEs are conservative and don’t dare to innovate." The truth is that globally many SMEs already use cloud solutions and have a very high level of satisfaction. This is because the cloud and AI allow them to be more productive, save on costs, and reach more potential customers. At Microsoft, it was detected that the level of use of SMEs in cloud technology has evolved, as they not only use it for mail or storage, but also for data processing.

Myth of Origin: "Technology only allows technology-based companies to grow." The fourth industrial revolution is a reality, which encourages businesses of all sectors to transform. Therefore, any company, regardless of its type and size, can incorporate technology. It is worth noting that the available technology is varied, so it is important to understand which one will best suit customer needs.

Microsoft continuously supports small and medium-sized businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and establish new processes that help them and their employees adapt in a modern and flexible way.

Lourdes Bielich, Manager Small and Medium Business, Microsoft South said: “Digitization will be a catalyst to deal with the post-pandemic economic crisis. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation capacity and processing power will allow SMEs to do more with less."

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