Monday 26 October, 2020

Minister: There is no evidence of plastic food in T&T

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat is seeking to put rumours to rest that there are plastic food items being sold in Trinidad and Tobago.

Minister Rambharat, speaking with Loop TT, said he was aware that videos have surfaced on social media demonstrating items which were identified as ‘plastic’ by the people involved in the video’s recordings.

The most recent videos which have gone viral depicted rice and a red cabbage.

As it relates to the rice, the Minister stated that there is no evidence to suggest that they are plastic.

He said tests were done by The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) which dispels this.

“I’ve looked at the import document that shows that it comes from Guyana, the export documents shows that it comes from Guyana and the report from CARIRI shows that it is not artificial rice. We have no reason to believe that there is plastic rice in Trinidad but we continue to monitor because we know that there have been rumours about it, there have been rumors that have said that it was found in Jamaica and we continue to monitor it and look at the import documents and so on.”

The Minister also responded to concerns raised about the possibility of artificial cabbage being sold across Trinidad.

He said he had no concrete evidence to suggest that the cabbage was local or plastic and further advised citizens to buy locally to ensure that the goods they purchase are of the highest quality.

“With the cabbage, that is something else I might have saw a while ago. We saw it, we saw what the lady did and we don’t know whether it is imported or local but there’s nothing before me to say that that is true that it is plastic or anything like that and as usual I encourage people to buy from farmers that they know, buy from farmers that they are familiar with and if you buy your vegetables and fruits from the farmer’s market, one of the things you’re sure is that you’re buying from a bonafide local farmer whose farms have been certified by NAMDEVCO.”

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