Wednesday 30 September, 2020

WATCH: Minister troubled over video of "daggering teens"

Education Minister Anthony Garcia has expressed concern over a video which went viral on social media, depicting what appears to be teenagers gyrating provocatively on a party boat.

The seven-minute video began with apparent teens, most of whom were dressed in white, performing a dance which is popular in Jamaica, called ‘daggering.’

Minister Garcia, speaking with Loop TT, said the party goers aboard the vessel appeared to be minors. In light of this, he sought to advise parents to be sure that the events they send their children during the July/August vacation are properly chaperoned by a responsible adult.

“I had a detailed look at the video and I am sure that those children who were engaged in that dance, are teenage children of school age. To me, most of them would have been 15 and 16 years old. The second point I want to make is that the dance that they were engaged in, is more suited for adults and I do not approve of young children engaging in that type of dance. Third point I would like to make is that we need to encourage our parents to be very vigilant where their children is concerned," he stated.

"While we accept the fact that children would want to go to parties, there must be some level of supervision, so that everything could go in accordance with the wishes of the parents we don’t want our children to go astray, we want our children to walk the right path and although there will be occasions where children will be subjected to various forms of temptation, parents must be able to create a position to deal with the problems that might come up and proper supervision is necessary,” he added. 

Meanwhile, asked to respond to whether the Ministry will look at ways to hold promoters of such parties legally responsible, Minister Garcia said the responsibility was in fact on the parents.

“I will not go so far to involve the Minister of National Security. What I want to stress is that parents have a responsibility and we must not transfer that responsibility to somebody else or to another body and this is why I am saying quite categorically that parents are the ones who have to exert that level of supervision and that type of guidance to ensure that our children don’t go astray," he said.

Social media users expressed outrage over the video, a 15-second clip of which can be seen below:

Loop TT contacted the owner of the vessel for comment, however, an agent said he was unable to speak on the matter.



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