Monday 27 May, 2019

Ministry addressing issue of duplicate driver's permit numbers

Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan, said the Ministry is aware of the problem of duplicate driver's licenses and said these issues are being discovered after the division upgraded to a new computerised system. 

Sinanan spoke to LoopTT following comments made by a woman from North-east Trinidad who said her mother, who has held the same driver's license number for over 40 years, recently learned that her driver's license number had been duplicated. 

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, said the matter was highly concerning as many people regularly use their driver's licenses for identification purposes. 

Sinanan said however that he spoke to the woman and her mother and the matter is being resolved. 

"Now that we have computerized the Licensing Office we are picking up on these things. This has happened before but with the new system in place we are working on this. We are now picking up on these duplications - once that happens, we withdraw the permit numbers so the issue does not reoccur. It's something we are correcting as a result of the new systems in place," he said.

Sinanan said that the issues happened in the past when permit numbers were manually entered into the system. However, this should be resolved with the implementation of the new computerised system. 

He said following the discovery of the error, the number would be cancelled and new numbers issued to the affected parties. 

The woman said that as a driver's license is often used for identification purposes, the matter is an urgent one. 

"So, after 43 years of carrying the same DP number, the Licensing Division saw it fit to give my mom's number to another person. They claimed it was human error. 

"Now, they are telling my mom she has to walk with an extra piece of paper to all the institutions she has submitted her original number as national ID," she said. 

The women said her mother was given a document from the Licensing Office stating that her driver's license number had changed, which could be used to update her banking institutions. 

"Follow-up: I made outreach to the Minister of Works and Transport. He confirmed that a policy exists to cull driver's permit numbers that have been duplicated.

"In developing the computerised system at Licensing Division, the Minister said "there were so many problems in the system" and it was discovered that many DP numbers have been duplicated - sometimes triplicated. Hence, some numbers have been cancelled. He also gave me a number to call, to provide that person with Mummy's necessary details," she said. 

"A DP is more than just a number. Used as a form of national identification which connects to finances, other forms of personal documentation, property ownership - a DP is a lifeline. As such, changing of a DP number is a serious issue which requires clear and precise communicating to the public," she said. 

Through the Ministry of Works and Transport's computerised system, drivers can now look up their identification and vehicle registration details online at

If you suspect your identification details were duplicated, contact the Ministry of Works and Transport on 625-1225.


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