Sunday 27 September, 2020

Ministry calls on citizens to help preserve environment

The Planning and Development Ministry is celebrating World Environment Day on Monday, June 5, and is seeking to encourage citizens to follow this year’s theme to ‘connect with nature’.

In a statement, the Planning Ministry said Trinidad and Tobago is not immune from the negative impacts of environmental threats such as ecosystem pressures, pollution and global warming. 

It said the Ministry will do all in its power to preserve the environment but added that the assistance of this country’s citizens is required.

“As the Ministry with responsibility for the environment, we are enacting measures to preserve our fragile environment, which includes mitigating climate change and protecting our biodiversity.  However, the power rests with the nation and we are encouraging citizens to begin employing simple measures such as sorting of waste, being mindful to not leave waste behind in our natural spaces, disposing properly of garbage, composting, preserving our wildlife for future generations and recycling where possible, reusing bags for groceries and shopping items instead of plastic bags, bottles and reusable sanitary ware.  Even regular vehicle tune-ups can help reduce air pollution by regulating carbon emissions from vehicles.”

The Ministry will be celebrating World Environment Day with activities for the entire week of June 5-9. 

Citizens are invited to share how they connect with nature by sending photos or videos via social media, in hopes that this will encourage citizens to take a step back and reflect on how the environment is treated.

On June 5th the EMA will be conducting a public World Environment Day Open House at their offices on Elizabeth Street. This will also form part of the commemoration of the EMA’s 22nd Anniversary. On June 6th the EMA is partnering with Sandee Communications Ltd. to host the EMA Sancom’s National Spelling Bee Finals 2017 at the Government Campus Plaza Auditorium. 

The Environmental Policy and Planning Division is doing outreach at primary schools to share the value of the theme with youth in addition to public pop-ups for social media opportunities, information displays and a donation of environmental books to the National Library. 

The Ministry will also be collaborating with local farmers to provide staff with tips for organic farming in small spaces.

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