Thursday 26 November, 2020

MOH advises: No trick or treating this Halloween

Image via iStock [ArtMarie]

Image via iStock [ArtMarie]

Trick or treating could pose a massive risk for COVID-19 infections to spread this Halloween. 

While Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t have a large culture for trick or treating, health officials are still warning niche communities of the potential risk. 

Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s media conference today, Head of the Paediatric Department, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Dr Joanne Paul explained that trick or treating could put children in danger. 

“I strongly recommend that we do no trick or treating, no Halloween parties, because in a few weeks’ time we’ll spike again. 

“Imagine we go trick or treating with our kids, we go from house to house to house, after we do that, we now have about 100 persons exposed and transferring the same virus,” she said. 

For adults, Dr Paul said that the temptation for large gatherings must be fought. While Trinidad and Tobago can soon look forward to the re-opening of certain sectors of the economy, she believes that all that progress can be lost if the nation isn’t careful. 

“If we have big limes, if we have no masks and the virus thrives on having super-spreader events, the virus gets much more excited, there’s much more spread and with more spread, we’ll have a bigger surge of infection. What happens next is we’ll have more restrictions and we’ll have the economy being flattened,” she warned. 

Super-spreader events can quickly disarm even the most prepared health sectors with COVID-19 surges. Instead, Dr Paul suggested alternatives where Halloween fun can still be safe. 

“For those parents that are home with their kids, have Halloween hikes. Have a games night or a movie night. You can actually stay at home in your Halloween pod with a few persons,” she said. 

Dr Paul added that with more freedom comes an increased need for responsibility.  

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