Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Mom helps police catch 63-year-old trying to 'sexually groom' daughter

A Champs Fleurs mom assisted police in setting up a sting operation and helped officers arrest a 63-year-old man who was having sexually explicit conversations with her teenage daughter. 

The mom of two, who will remain unidentified to protect the identity of her children, woke up around 4 am one morning and saw one of her daughters using her cellphone.

She decided to investigate the child's call log and messages when she realised that her daughter was repeatedly receiving calls from a particular number. 

The mom decided to call the number and pretended to be her daughter.

She continued talking to the man who attempted to seduce her, thinking it was her child.

He kept asking to meet so she made arrangements to do so at a restaurant in Sangre Grande and informed the police.

Officers of the Child Protection Unit (CPU) conducted a sting operation as they acted like pedestrians and patrons of the restaurant.

The woman called the man and officers were on the lookout for anyone answering a cellphone. However, things got tricky as he wore a headset.

After making certain observations, the investigating officers noticed and arrested the suspect who is a 63-years-old man.

He had in his possession over $15,000 in cash and a female gold chain. Officers have no idea what he intended to do with the items.

As investigations continued on Thursday, police discovered that the accused video called the teenage girl. He reportedly performed sexual acts on himself and encouraged the girl to do the same.

He is expected to be charged with sexual grooming.

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