Friday 6 December, 2019

Moonilal: AG guilty of criminal offences

Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal is calling for Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi to apologise and demit office in light of the surfacing of photos – allegedly of his children – bearing arms.

Speaking with reporters outside Parliament on Tuesday, Al-Rawi explained that following a number of death threats made against him, he and his family underwent security training, under the direct supervision of the army.

In an emergency conference on Wednesday, Moonilal accused the Attorney General of a “Trump-like denial” in the reason given for the photos.

Moonilal believes that at least eight criminal offences had been committed.

He has since written to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on the matter. The letter has been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Commissioner of Police (Acting) and the Chief of Defence Staff.

“In the letter, I have set out the point that today, not one but two government ministers – Minister Stuart Young and Minister Randall Mitchell both reprimanded me and sought to berate me for bringing the names of children and bringing the children of a government minister into public odium.

The Government has confirmed that the children in the photograph are indeed the children of the Attorney General. The Attorney General has given the story that this took place during some sort of training exercise.

I want to indicate that there are laws of Trinidad and Tobago; the Defence Force nor the Attorney General cannot suspend the laws, and in the letter which you will have a copy of, we have outlined the laws.

We believe that eight criminal offences have been committed by that picture. And the children, those persons who handed over the weapons, and the parent, the Attorney General, are responsible ultimately for those offences.

I want to make the point that the Defence Force cannot provide training in that manner to any civilian. The Defence Force can train their own men and women but the Defence Force don’t give military training to civilians.

The law of Trinidad and Tobago is that a minor cannot be in possession of firearm under no circumstances.

It is like a minor going to buy cigarettes in a rum shop. That is against the law, so you cannot have a minor with a firearm. The Defence Force cannot suspend the laws of Trinidad and Tobago to do that.

Apart from that, when Government ministers receive death threats, every threat must be reported to the Police. It is the Police that you report threats to, not the Defence Force.”

Moonilal said the Attorney General should accept responsibility for his indiscretions, adding that the law applies to all and not just people from certain parts of the country. 


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