Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Moonilal tells Gov't to pay millions owed to CEPEP contractors

Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal is calling on the Government to engage affected contractors under the Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) and liquidate the long-outstanding debt owed to them as soon as possible.

His statement comes after court marshals moved in at CEPEP’s Headquarters in Ste Madeleine today, seizing $1.9 million dollars in items in order for a contractor to be able to recover monies owed.

In a statement issued on Friday, Dr Moonilal criticized the Dr Keith Rowley-led regime whom he said was responsible for contractors being forced to levy on Cepep.

He claimed contractors were now forced to dissolve their companies to meet their financial responsibilities.

"The Rowley regime has steadfastly refused to meet and treat with aggrieved contractors, who have had to shut down their operations, sell off equipment, lay off committed workers and deal with bank demands."

"Instead, the Government has spent $1.5 million in wasteful and failed litigation against me."

The Oropouche East MP also slammed the Government for causing the retrenchment of over 30,000 workers during its tenure.

"In addition to the non-payment of outstanding sums to contractors, the government has displaced scores of devoted working-class Cepep employees. This is further evidence of the betrayal of workers and the underprivileged by the Rowley regime, under whose tenure more than 30,000 workers have lost their jobs."

Moonilal said the Cepep debacle illustrates a misguided, erratic and pathetic ruling regime, guided by vindictiveness, bungling and gross incompetence.

In December, CEPEP was ordered by the court to pay Tora Bora Construction and Contractors Ltd $1,962,947.36 for work the company did at the St Joseph Health Centre in 2015.

CEPEP failed to pay the money which led to the contractor obtaining a writ of levy from the court.

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