Saturday 11 July, 2020

More bang for your buck; the best deals on Christmas groceries

It’s less than three weeks away from Christmas and the Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) wants you to know how you can stretch your dollar this holiday season. 

Publishing lists of where you can get grocery and non-grocery related Christmas items, the CAD is helping you figure it out region by region. 

Ham, a Christmas favourite, is cheapest at John’s Supermarket in St. James. They come in at $16.50 per pound. For a full, Great Foods ham, head to Tru Valu in Long Circular Mall where they carry it for $99.95. 

Beef and chicken hams can also be found at Price Club for $37.00 per pound and $19.45 at Persad’s in Rio Claro, respectively. 

Turkey, another Christmas lunch staple, comes in best at Persad’s D’ Food King at $17.99 per pound or in John’s in St. James where you can get a Butterball 3 pound turkey for $95.00.  

Tobago wasn’t left out. If you’re staying on the island for your Christmas shopping, you get the best deals at Penny Savers Supermarket for most things, except beef ham, which is cheaper at Jesus Christ Makes the Difference Supermarket.

Price lists for drinks and other Christmas goodies have also been posted on the Consumer Affairs Division's website. 

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