Tuesday 27 October, 2020

More men than women are dying from COVID-19, MoH expert reveals

Disaggregation of COVID-19 deaths as of September 18 (Photo: Ministry of Health)

Disaggregation of COVID-19 deaths as of September 18 (Photo: Ministry of Health)

Data show more men than women are dying from the COVID-19 virus.

Dr Anthony Parkinson, Technical Advisor Hospital Services in the Office of the Chief Medical Officer made the revelation while speaking at the Ministry of Health's media briefing on Saturday.

Dr Parkinson indicated the male to female ratio is five to one. However, he noted there was no explanation for the trend.

He said: "We do see an interesting phenomenon which we can't explain yet. That is, we have a male to female ratio of 5:1. Why is it there are so many more males infected and succumbing than females?"

Dr Parkinson also noted that hypertension and diabetes were the most common comorbid illnesses among patients who died from the virus.

He said: "So far the data we have at hand, we have seen a certain pattern emerging in that hypertension and diabetes seems to be the number one comorbidities that seems to be very common among patients who succumb to the COVID-19 virus in the Intensive Care Unit. (This is) followed closely by chronic kidney diseases."

Dr Parkinson added the Intensive Care Unit is not a death sentence.

He said the average age of people who succumb to COVID-19 in the ICU is 60 to 65.

However, the health expert warned that young people are not immune to the virus.

He revealed that a 34-year-old patient with no comorbidities succumbed while in ICU.

To date, T&T has recorded 60 COVID-19 related deaths.

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