Saturday 4 July, 2020

Motion of no-confidence passed against Arima Municipal Police

A motion of no-confidence has been passed against Municipal Police Officers in Arima.

The motion was raised by the Arima Borough Council as a matter of urgency during the statutory meeting on Friday morning. 

This comes as municipal police took strike action against the conditions at their police post located at Sanchez Street, Arima, which they say is unfit for occupation. The gates to the building were locked on Thursday night into Friday as a result. This impacted the Mayor, Councillors, Aldermen and other staff at the corporation since the Arima Town Hall is also located on the same compound. On Thursday night, Councillor for Tumpuna, Brennon Patterson, was asked to leave the Town Hall around 8 pm. Meanwhile, the Council's assets including furniture and a station diary that went missing a couple of months ago were placed outside and were subsequently damaged by rainfall. No parking signs were also placed along the roadway.

Deputy Chairman Cagney Casimire said this action was taken to hinder the Council's operations. 

"The actions were taken without consultation, without communication, without having given the Council the opportunity to contribute. All the while they know that the representatives of the Arima Municipal Police sit at staff and at committees and are well aware, as was voiced this morning over radio, of the actions that have been taken by the Council and by the corporation to bring relief to their situation and it is in this vein where we feel that the trust and confidence has been broken and we are this morning moving this motion of no-confidence," he stated.

All seven Councillors and three Aldermen supported the motion.

Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian has called on Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to order an investigation into the protest action taken by the municipal police officers.

Disciplinary action, if any, will be made following the investigation.

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