Wednesday 11 December, 2019

List of authorised vehicle inspection stations in T&T

(Editor's note: This list has been updated as of October 2018.)

Drivers seeking to have their cars inspected should only go to authorised testing stations. 

The Ministry of Works and Transport released a list of authorised vehicle testing stations in July 2018, in an effort to assist drivers with the renewal of their inspection stickers. 

"The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to reiterate that motor vehicle/motorcycle inspections are essential in creating a safe environment for all on the nation’s roads. As the Government seeks to bring the incidence of road traffic accidents and fatalities down to zero, it is critical that drivers can provide proof that their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition," the Ministry said.

Drivers are reminded that private vehicles five years or older from the date of manufacture, not the date of registration, are required to have their vehicles inspected at an authorised testing station every two years.

Owners of commercial vehicles should have their vehicles inspected every year. 

The fee for inspection is $300.

The fine for non-inspection or expired inspection stickers is $5000.00.

Owners of Private and Commercial Vehicles are required to have their certified copies, insurance information and driver's licenses to begin the inspection process.


Here is a list of authorized vehicle testing stations (use CTRL+F to find an authorised station in your area):

Auto Works Limited

Wrightson Road, Port of Spain

Tel: 624:5265


B.J. Service Garage

#640 St Croix road

Lengua Village, Princes Town, via Barrackpore

Tel: 655-1332


Cecil Mooloo T/A Cac Enterprise 

12 Sisters Road, Williamsville



Champs Fleurs Auto Services Limited

Corner Eastern Main Road & 1 Industrial Champs Fleurs



CO's Garage 

#688-690 Cipero Road, Borde Narve Village, San Fernando 



J.C.S. Car Craft

P.O. #49A Grants Road

Rousillac Village



K.P. Supa One

121 Bejucal Road Cunupia

Tel: 756-2161/701-5464


Mulchan and Kalli Sawh

T/A Central Auto Review 

LP#12 Bonne Aventure Road, Cunupia

671-2827/655-0287 (H)


Sudama Ramlogan

T/A S&S (DRAX) Ramlogan & Sons

59 Fairfield Road, Craignish Village, Princes Town



Suncoast Enterprises 

121 Batchyia Village, Penal



Sookhai’s Diesel Service Ltd

Naraish Sookhai  (VTS #001)

IDC   Industrial Estate, Biljah Road, Chaguanas

Tel: 665-4675, 671-0900,0901

Fax: 665-3672


Motormax Auto & Diesel Garage

Ashram Baldah (VTS #002)

38 Mausica Road, D’Abadie  

Tel: 642-1568


Bobby’s Auto Enterprise Ltd

Reshenarine Maraj  (VTS #003)

 17 1/2 Erin Road, Santa Flora

Tel No: 649-5828

Fax No: 649-6489


T/A S&S (Drax) Ramlogan And Sons

Sudama Ramlogan (VTS #005)

59 Fairfield Road, Craignish Village, Princes Town

Tel   No: 655-3243


J’s Automasters

Krish Jurai (VTS #006)

Chootoo Road, El   Socorro South, San Juan

Tel: 674-5315


Spark Motor Supplies 

Jaipersad Maharaj (VTS #007)

46C   Hubert Rance Street, Vistabella, San Fernando

Tel: 652-8643 or 681-9993


Southern General Ltd

Shaheed Ali (VTS # 008)

Main Road Vance River, Guapo  (Not operational )

Tel   No: 648-7353

Fax   No: 648-7255


Valley Auto Centre

Phillip Greaves (VTS #010)

LP   # 105  Diego Martin Main Road, Diego   Martin (opp. Charles Avenue)

Tel No: 632-7571


Ramps Ltd

Teeluckram Rampaul (VTS #011)

86 Green Street, Tunapuna    

Tel   No: 645-2376/662-6961

Fax   No: 645-5546


Southern Instruments Co. Ltd

Samuel   Bullock (VTS# 012)

2 Leotaud Street,  San Fernando

Tel   & Fax No: 652-6048/620-4020


J.C.S. Car Craft

Jagdeo Singh (VTS # 013)

P.O.   # 49A Grants Road, Rousillac Village

Tel   No: 648-8694


Kamus Muffler Works Limited

Naim   Mustapha (VTS # 014)

19-21 first Avenue, Barataria  

Tel   No: 671-7308/7315 680-0029


South’s Auto Services Station Co Ltd.

Faizul Hosein (VTS#016)

127 Siparia Erin Road, Debe

Tel   No: 647-6878/620-2064


Alternative Gases Ltd

Jainarine   Rampersad  (VTS#017)

153-154 Mission Road, Freeport

Tel   & Fax No: 673-2839


Vulcan Muffler Service


#22 Eastern Main Road, Laventille

Tel: 623:4310



Hilltop Motor Supplies

Modhan Singh (VTS#021)

3 ½ San Francique Road, Timital   Junction,Penal  

Tel   No: 649-0350


Chow’s Service Bay

Peter Chow (VTS# 022 )

Eastern   Main Road, Sangre   Grande

Tel   No: 668-0865


Pegasus Automotive Enterprises

Dhanmattie &Kazim Rahaman (VTS# 024)

122 Eccles Village, Williamsville

Tel No: 656-1316


David Auto Repairs

Davendranath   Ramai ( VTS #025)

LP   #6 Ramai Trace, Debe

Tel   No: 647-6793


Auto-Trac Supplies And Service

Fazeel   Abdool (VTS# 026)

#317 Siparia Old Road, Avocat Village, Fyzabad

Tel   No: 677-4122


Kaljam Ali 

Kaljam Ali (VTS #027)

113 Munroe Road, Cunupia  

Tel   No: 672-4186

Fax   No:


T/A   Central Auto Review

Mulchan and Kalli Sawh  (VTS# 029)

LP#12 Bonne Aventure Road, Cunupia

Tel   No: 671-2827 or 655-0287(H)


D&S   Auto Care Services  Ltd

Mary Griffith (VTS #031)

1-3 Naparima-Mayaro Road, Mon   Repos, San Fernando

Tel   No: 653-3554


R&R Engineering Associates Ltd

Ramlal Jaggernauth (VTS #032)

Lp#   235 Iere Village,Princes Town

Tel   No: 659-3205 or 655-9671


BF Mufflers

Solina Ali Lowkaran (VTS# 033)

37km Naparima-Mayaro Road, Rio Claro

Tel   No: 644-2889


C.O’s Garage

Stephen Roopchan (VTS#  035)

#688-690   Cipero Road, Borde Narve Village, San Fernando

Tel   No: 656-5152/5282


T/A   Mohammed Auto Supply       

Ramjohn & Lilly Mohammed (VTS#037)

26 Grell Street, Siparia

Tel   No: 649-1925


T/A Baseline Services Co. Ltd           

Stephen Wellington (VTS#038)

Cor.   Eastern Main Road & Road Reserve,    Valencia

Tel   No: 667-0453


Automotive Components Ltd 

Anthony   Quintyne (Vts#  039)

Lot   10-11 O’Meara Industrial Estate, O’Meara Road, Arima

Tel   No: 642-3484/756-3028

Fax   No: 642-0673


Motor Care & Maintenance (Mcm) Ltd

Dianne  Guischard (VTS#  040)

115   Eight Street, Barataria

Tel   No: 638-2563


R&R Engineering Associate Ltd    

Ramlal Jaggernauth (VTS#041)

6 Ramsaroop Road, Union Village, Claxton Bay

Tel   No: 659-3205/659-4300


Worrel & Regis Co. Ltd

Kathleen Regis (VTS# 042)

LP#376   Southern Main Road,Enterprise Village, Chaguanas

Tel   No: 665-3377


Road Transport Engineering Ltd

Clyde Anthony James (VTS# 044)

#53   Main Road, Point   Fortin

Tel   No: 648-2312/26/2154

Fax   No: 648-2312


Frank’s Tyre & Body Shop Ltd 

Francis Mc Queen (VTS# 046)

316 Eastern Main   Road, El Dorado

Tel & Fax No: 662-8973


G.N.G. Enterprises Ltd         

Gabgaram   Narine  (VTS# 048)

1135   Erin Road Abdool Village,Penal  

Tel   No: 647-7938/5172

Fax   No: 647-5455


Amar Distributors Ltd                         

Gerard   Moreau  (VTS#051)

#3   Long Circular Road, St.   James

Tel   No: 628-8142

Fax   No: 628-8867


Frank Jeeta         

Frank   Jeeta (VTS#054)

#57A  Eastern Main   Road, Barataria

Tel No: 638-5797


Auto Works Ltd

Cleveland & Allima Garcia (VTS# 056)

Wrightson Road, Port of Spain

Tel   No: 624-5265


Professional Garages Ltd 

James Daniel (VTS#057)

#28 Pashley Street, Laventille  

Tel: 625-7725


Nanhoo Service Station 

Betty-Ann  & Lisa   Nanhoo (VTS# 058)

#19 Carib Street,San Fernando

Tel   No: 652-3470


B&L Automotive  Services Ltd                  

Lee-Ann Moore (VTS#063)

#78 Battoo Avenue , Marabella

Tel   No: 766-3422/778-6711


Bamboo Grove Auto Collision Service   

Ricky Ramnarine (VTS#065)

Bamboo   Settlement, No.   2 Valsayn, Curepe

Tel: 645-2991

Fax: 662-5145


Sylvester Auto World

Anthony Sylvester (VTS# 066)

Sherwood Park, Tobago

Tel: 639-7546


K. Deen’s Auto Service Ltd  |Khalifa   Mohoyodeen (Vts #068)

58 Union Road, Marabella  

Tel: 658-3648


Commercial Auto Centre Ltd

Lucius Bhagan (VTS#069)

70 Southern Main Road , Lendore Village, Chaguanas  

Tel: 665-3088

Fax: 671-5113


S.S. Auto Supplies & Services                 

Sunil Rambharose (VTS#  071)

LP# 374 Dow Village ,South Oropouche

Tel: 648-8666/752-6378


B.J. Service Garage                           

Bharadwadge Jugmohan(VTS#072)

#640 St. Croix Road , Lengua Village , Princes Town, via Barrackpore

Tel   No: 655-1332


Mamoud Mohammed                                    

Mamoud Mohammed (VTS# 073)

LP   #956 Eastern Main Road, Sangre   Chiquito,  Sangre   Grande.

Tel   No: 668-1443


Active General Traders Ltd

Danny Balkissoon (VTS #074)

#23   Spring Gardens, Balmain Couva  

Tel   No: 679-8335/679-8345

Fax   No: 679-8348


The Vehicle Maintenance Corporation Tt Ltd (VMCOTT)

Linda Rajpaul (Company Secretary) (VTS #075)

#22   Beetham Gardens,Beetham Highway, Laventille  

Tel   No: 624-8728/625-9028

Fax   No: 623-4506


Vulcan Muffler Service  

Hugh   Jacobs (VTS#076)

#22   Eastern Main Road, Laventille

Tel   No: 623-4310

Fax   No: 642-3108


Wayne & Cindy Services  

Wayne& Cindy  Birjah (VTS# 077)

587 Penal Rock Road, Penal

Tel No: 647-9883


Wheeler Tyre Sales And Service   

Sham Abrahim (VTS# 078)

126 Cipero Road, Golconda Village , San Fernando

Tel/Fax   No: 652-8179


Nellex Rental Company Ltd

Weston Kissoondath(VTS# 079)

#1-2   Southern Main Road, Otaheite, South   Oropouche.

Tel./Fax:   1(869) 677-7264


Ramsingh’s Tyre Shop 

Ashram Ramsingh (VTS# 082)

#45   Bournes Road, St.   James.

Tel:   622-8146


Tone Automotive Limited    

Glenn Mohan (VTS#083)

#115   Union Road, Marabella.

Tel./Fax:   658-4000


K.P. Supa One 

Ken Supersad & Gyatree Pamela Budhu  (VTS# 084)

121   Bejucal Road Cunupia

Tel. 672-7582


C.C.L. Evolve Limited

J. Simonelte (VTS# 085)

Mafeking   Village, Mayaro.



Toyota Trinidad And Tobago 

Andre Baptiste  (VTS#  086)

100   Michael Rahael Boulevard South Park, San   Fernando.

Tel. 653-8238


Cecil Mooloo T/A Cac Enterprise 

Cecil Mooloo (VTS#087)

12   Sisters Road Williamsville

Tel: 656-0411


Cameron Auto Repairs  Ltd

Patrick Cameron (VTS# 90)

108 St Vincent Street Port of Spain



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