Sunday 9 December, 2018

MP condemns PM's 'attacks' on media

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath maintains that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s personal travel outweighs his official travel.

Padarath made the assertion as he slammed the “feeble attempt” by Rowley to skew the facts surrounding his travel since coming into office on his return from Mexico on Thursday.

The Prime Minister defended his recent trip to Belize to attend the IV CARICOM-Mexico Summit as he fielded questions from the media at a conference he held on his return.

He took issue with a newspaper report that indicated that he had travelled 18 times in the last year.

The MP, however, said he should look at the Gazette over the past twenty four months, since it reflects that the Prime Minister has travelled on 18 occasions, with more than half of that being for personal vacations.

He advised Rowley not to attack and intimidate the media for doing their jobs, as they are the voice of the people and the information they have published is 100 percent accurate on his foreign travel.

Padarath called out the Prime Minister for what he said were excessive personal jaunts while the country is in deep crisis.

He said that the Prime Minister in his usual crass style, attempted to heap scorn on those who utilise whatever means necessary whether in trucks, vans or boats to assist in the relief efforts while he remains high and dry.

The Princes Town MP maintained, however, that this is not about party politics, but about people and the Prime Minister's lackluster approach in the situation is much to be desired and he continues to deepen the socio economic wedge in the country between the haves and the have-nots.

He further added that south and central Trinidad appears to be the hardest hit areas and the Prime Minister is more concerned about introducing issues of party colours rather than seeing people through national colours.

Padarath said he would continue to highlight the inequity being experienced under Rowley's leadership and indicated that he had no faith in Ministers of Government who Rowley has passed the buck to in bringing any relief to a dire situation in flood stricken parts of the country.

He urged the Prime Minister to lead from the front and not to hide behind failed Ministers and public officials who see this as a small issue, and encouraged Rowley to travel when necessary and not compete with his official travel and personal travel, as so far it appears the personal travel outweighs the other.

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