Sunday 18 November, 2018

MP condemns vigilante justice by Oropune residents

St. Augustine MP Prakash Ramadhar is calling on the public and residents of Oropune Gardens to not cast a guilty verdict on Ashdale Mc Hutchinson, the man accused of luring a six-year old away from her family, until the police complete their investigation.

Mc Hutchinson was severely beaten by residents and died at hospital on Sunday.

In a statement on Monday, Ramadhar condemned act carried out by the residents.

“I am asking members of the public, more so, residents of Oropune Gardens not to cast a guilty verdict on Mr. Mc Hutchinson until the police complete their investigation. The TTPS has already condemned the vigilante justice as shown by the residents of Oropune Gardens. While I understand the frustration and need for security, I must join with the police in condemning this violent act,” the St. Augustine MP said.

The Opposition MP and former Legal Affairs Minister said if the residents feel unsafe or are being threatened, the can arrest the person they believe is posing a threat.

 “This is in our laws. Section 3(2) of the Criminal Law Act, Chap.10:04, “grants the power to any person to arrest without warrant anyone who is, or who he, with reasonable cause, suspects to be, in the act of committing an arrestable offence. In T&T, an arrestable/indictable offence is one for which the penalty is at least 5 years’ imprisonment.”

Ramadhar is therefore calling on citizens to abide by the law and not seek to fight crime by themselves by committing criminal acts.

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