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Saturday 15 August, 2020

MP: Crime out of control

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and National Security Minister Edmund Dillon along with the other ministers of National Security, are being urged to reassess their crime fighting intentions.

This, as Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial expressed concern over recent shootings in Maloney and Enterprise where children were left injured.

The MP said government’s crime fighting initiatives require urgent review to ensure that the Police Service and the Army are on the ground on a 24 hour basis, patrolling and monitoring hotspots areas and “listening to the voices from these communities who are crying out for help and protection for their children”.

Recalling the recent incidents in which three minors were involved, Ramdial said it is a sad state of affairs to see children become innocent victims of crime.

A shootout between gangs in Maloney saw two children aged 9 and 11 shot in the melee, while a shooter on a bicycle in Enterprise shot at a businessman and his four-year-old daughter. Luckily, the daughter escaped unhurt.

Ramdial said these incidents raise serious concerns of national security in T&T, especially in the crime hotspots.

“To date the three Ministers of National Security have failed the nation with their crime fighting intentions. It seems as though there is an ignorance of the realities of increasing crime and its impact on the population,” she said.

The MP denied statements by Dillon that he is doing all in his power to curb crime especially in the hotspot areas. His claims of deploying joint police-army patrols in these areas ring hollow as the fact of the matter is that this just does not exist.

“There are no joint police-army foot patrols on a 24 hour basis in any of the hotspot areas in the country and this is why we have gang warfare spiralling out of control,” Ramdial said.

She added that the country has hit rock-bottom as criminals have no regard for the presence of children and engage in shootouts regardless.

“We have really hit rock-bottom when our Prime Minister and Ministers of National Security seem oblivious to the fact that crime is out of control and are doing nothing new to fight the criminal elements in our communities,” she concluded.

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