Saturday 24 August, 2019

MP defends PP Gov't's failure to open Carenage fishing facility

Oropouche West MP Vidia Gayadeen-Gopeesingh is strongly condemning Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for his comments regarding the recently opened Carenage Fishing Facility.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Gayadeen-Gopeesingh said she took issue with the fact that Dr Rowley said the multi-million dollar facility was left to rot during the Partnership’s term in office (2010 – 2015).

“The story being peddled by the Prime Minister is rife with misinformation,” she said.

“This facility has a sordid history. Originally a PNM project, in 2009 more than $19 million dollars was spent to produce nothing but a shell. Naturally, this raised red flags and was the subject of an investigation during the People’s Partnership government. Yet the biggest question we should be asking the PNM is how a facility originally pegged for $20 million opened with a $28 million price tag? Where did the difference go?”

The MP slammed what she described as the PNM’s attempts to cover its tracks and questioned the ultimate fate of the probe. 

“Am I to consider it a mere coincidence that as soon as the PNM came to power the findings of the investigation into this project vanished without a trace? Where is the final report? If anything we should be given a transparent and readily available detailed breakdown of the costs for this project.”  

Gayadeen-Gopeesingh said the public should be wary of the ambiguities surrounding the project and questioned how the investment was expected to turn a profit.

“Dr Rowley proclaimed that it was a state of the art facility ideal for tourism and modelled after Oistins Fish Fry in Barbados. Yet it all turned out to be the usual smoke and mirrors tactic common to the PNM administration. What we see here, in reality, is a far cry from what is promised.”


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