Tuesday 27 October, 2020

MP Lee slams government for discontinuation of regular fuel

Point-a-Pierre MP David Lee is criticising the Government for its decision to stop the sale of regular fuel (Ron 83) on the local market.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Lee said this decision proves that the Dr Keith Rowley-led administration cannot be trusted.

He made the comment as he said Energy Minister Franklin Khan previously assured that there will be a smooth transition from refinery fuel to imported fuel.

The MP questioned whether this impromptu announcement was considered a smooth transition.

"What we have seen is not a smooth transition but rather a poorly planned, haphazard, heartless approach which has displaced hundreds of low-income users of regular fuel. This has been a decision which has yet again placed more burden on the poor man as hundreds of fisherfolk, grass-cutters and taxi drivers using older model vehicles in rural villages depend on this type of fuel for their livelihoods."

MP Lee said the move to cease the sale of Ron 83 has placed pressure on the poor man due to the closure and restructuring of Petrotrin.

He also accused the government of failing to keep its word so far in its handling of Petrotrin's restructuring.

"All government's promises of proper compensation for all, smooth transitioning for fuel security and protection for fenceline communities have been false as today besides the thousands of regular fuel users who have been displaced, we have seen government fail to deliver on backpay and severance packages for thousands of workers which they promised by November 30th."

MP Lee said as such, the Prime Minister's recent announcement and promises of houses for former Petrotrin workers must be met with scepticism. 

"Is this just another Public relations gimmick to make the government appear as if they care about the Petrotrin workers or gain goodwill until the next general election?" he inquired.

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