Sunday 18 August, 2019

MP slams 'vicious' attack against Aranguez farmers

Oropouche West MP Vidia Gayadeen-Gopeesingh is criticizing the Government for what she called the oppressive and reckless behaviour towards the Aranguez Farmers.

Her statement comes as police seized five pumps from farmers in Aranguez last Saturday.

In a statement on Thursday, Gayadeen-Gopeesingh called on the government to issue an apology.

 “The PNM has yet again demonstrated its incompetence and inability to conduct the business of our country in a fair and decent manner. We have witnessed a vicious attack on honest, hardworking farmers from the area once called the food basket of the nation. This wanton disregard for the honest, hardworking citizen cannot be tolerated and I am calling on the PNM to issue a public apology immediately.”

Gayadeen- Gopeesingh said the police service’s seizure of the water pumps were illegal.

She further criticized Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte who, while speaking in the Senate, claimed that farmers were using water from drains to irrigate crops.

“I cannot understand why the Minister would say that the farmers were using water from drains to irrigate their crops, without any evidence to support these claims. Even the Minister of Agriculture was confused by Le Hunte’s wild accusations and distanced himself from his colleague’s statement, which was clearly a contradiction.”

The Oropouche West MP said the PNM is not serious about diversifying Trinidad and Tobago’s economy through the agriculture sector, as there was no supplementation of funding in the mid-year review. “However the Minister found comfort in attacking the most helpless and vulnerable in society,” Le Hunte said.

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