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Thursday 13 August, 2020

MSJ candidate: No time for commesse campaign

The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) is about the people and proper representation and has no time with the “nastiness” typically seen during the election campaign period.

This from MSJ candidate for Point Fortin Ernesto Kesar who said the party is hoping to attract the undecided vote as it gears up for the August 10 general election.

The party, which recently opened its new office in the heart of Point Fortin at School Road, has been busy on the ground campaigning.

Kesar said the new office consolidates the ground work started by the MSJ’s robust campaign in the communities it seeks to serve.

The MSJ also has office space at the OWTU Branch Hall in Newlands and plans to have a base in Cedros by early next week.

The Point Fortin constituency covers Katyo to Icacos, all the way back to Erin Junction to Buenos Aires to the Cap-de-Ville Junction.

Kesar said while COVID-19 restrictions have impacted the way in which the party conducts its campaign, the response thus far has been nothing short of “tremendous”.

The MSJ candidate said constituents have been “brutally honest” in their criticism but no one has been hostile or disrespectful.

He said the party has been pushed to expand its reach on social media in light of the 25-person limit placed on public gatherings but that has worked to their benefit.

Kesar said for too long the people of Point Fortin have had to wait for the delivery of services, hampering the rate of the development of the borough.

He noted that the most glaring evidence of this lies in the fact that a new Point Fortin Hospital has finally been delivered after 40 years. All the while, he said, the borough is in need of a new fire station.

Kesar said the goal is to get the people to see the value of a third party and feel as though it’s a choice of red or yellow.  

“We’re focusing on trying to get into Parliament and have the people see the wisdom of having a third party to balance the political juggernauts of the PNM and the UNC.”

“They are powerful, and yes, they have the resources. But, the MSJ has the plans and the ideas, and we have been hard at work in the communities for many years in our various capacities.”

The MSJ candidate said the party is not trying to reinvent the wheel but is hoping to attract the swing voters, young voters, new voters, and the traditional non-voters with its people-centred approach.

He said the South western peninsula has much to offer and the MSJ has been formulating plans for the development of the fishing industry, for instance, all based on plans out forward from the suggestions of constituents.

“Fishermen have been asking for T-shaped jetty in Cedros for many years. They have been asking for funding to develop the fishing industry.

There are opportunities for downstream development in the fabrication of boats and other equipment.”

Kesar said the party hopes to provide the type of representation that makes people feel involved in governance and decision making.  

“It’s not just about the colour you wear when it’s election time. You should be able to access services free from fear, regardless of who you voted for.”

He urged voters to consider the MSJ as an option amid the sea of red and yellow. 

“We would like to encourage the people of Point Fortin to give us a chance to get in there and put a balance in the Parliament.

Put the ‘x’ by the scale and give us a chance to provide proper representation.”

Kesar is up against the PNM's Kennedy Richards Jr (incumbent Point Fortin Mayor) and the UNC's Taharqa Obika.

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