Sunday 8 December, 2019

Muslim group: Release detained in Carnival 'terror plot'

The Waajihatul Islaamiyyah (The Islamic Front) is calling for the release of those detained as part of an alleged plot to disrupt this year’s Carnival festivities.

As of today, eight persons have been held in connection with the thwarted threat – news of which has been carried by international media outlets.

In a statement, the group questioned the unconstitutionality of the police actions at the homes of these persons, also noting that Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams’ account of the searches did not make mention of “brutality and injuries exacted on persons in the execution of their [police] duties”.

The Islamic Front further noted that Williams spoke of evidence gathering, however, nothing was found.

“We describe the Acting Police Commissioner's statement as mere window dressing. Nothing more than a PR stunt. Void of substance.”

Adding its voice to those who have registered their disgust over the news of a British couple who left the country after being robbed of their phones and rental vehicle following the Machel Monday concert, and the news of the attempted robbery of Williams’ nephew, the group said this is the kind of terror that would “disrupt the Carnival celebrations and negatively reflect on our nation”.

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The group called for the immediate release of those detained for the alleged planned terrorist attack.

“I call on the authorities to immediately release all persons held in this "so called terror plot" and return them safely to their families. These individuals are all innocent, law abiding citizens with strong spiritual upbringing.”

It added that the incident is a “stain on the administration which will linger on for a very very long time”.

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