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Friday 14 August, 2020

Naps takes Secondary School's Junior Pan title

Education Minister Anthony Garcia and Soca star Nailah Blackman pose with Guaico Presbyterian, the winning primary school in the Junior Panorama. They played Iron Love by Blackman.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia and Soca star Nailah Blackman pose with Guaico Presbyterian, the winning primary school in the Junior Panorama. They played Iron Love by Blackman.

 Naparima Boys College and Naparima Girls’ High School combined steel orchestra are the new secondary school Junior Panorama winners.

The San Fernando-based schools staged a big upset on Sunday, relegating last year’s champions St Francois Girls’ High School to fifth place.

Playing LFS Music’s ‘No Weapon’, the band managed to squeeze ahead of El Dorado West Government Secondary by one point to earn 278 points.

El Do copped second place with 277 points playing Nailah Blackman’s ‘Iron Love’, the most popular song of the Junior competition. Bishop’s Anstey High School placed third with ‘Iron Love’ as well, returning to the competition after a 17-year absence.

Blackman, who was present to hear the senior bands play her song, was moved to tears during El Dorado’s performance.

“It’s honestly the most overwhelmingly emotional thing. I saw Bishop’s play on the drag and I had tears and following it up watching El Dorado, it broke me. I know so many schools have chosen the song for Panorama and it just warms my heart to see the joy in their faces,” she said.

Blackman said the popularity of her song shows how important it is to push a good message through her music and to push the culture.

“There was a point in time the culture had dipped with the youth’s minds, they didn’t think it was cool to play pan, or listen to calypso music or soca in some spaces so I am happy everyone is embracing their culture and loving the steelpan which is the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago,” she said.

In the primary school category, Guaico Presbyterian school scored 273 points to place first with ‘Iron Love’ while there was a tie for third place with 268 points by St Mary’s Government Primary who played Farmer Nappy’s ‘Hookin Meh’ and St Margaret’s who played ‘Hulk’ by Blaxx.

In the 21 and over category, Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra placed first with 273 points playing Madness, Trinidad All Stars Youth Steel orchestra placed second with the same song, earning 269 points while bp Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra placed third with ‘Iron Love’ with 268 points.

The competition was held under the aegis of The Ministry of Education Multicultural Music Program Unit (MMPU), Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C. and the Pan In Schools Coordinating Council.

Below are the full results:

The results are as follows:-

Primary School Category

1.Guaico Presbyterian Primary School: Iron Love  - 273

2. St. Mary’s Govt. Primary School: Hookin Meh - 268

2.St. Margaret’s Boys’ Anglican School: Hulk - 268

4. Tacarigua Presbyterian School: Iron Love  - 265

5. Febeau Govt. Primary School: Hulk - 253.5

6. St. Paul’s Boys’ Anglican School: Dingolay - 247.5

7. Edinburgh Govt. Primary School: Poom Poom  - 247

8. Couva Anglican Primary School: Dingolay - 245.5

9  Malabar R.C. Primary School: Right For Somebody  - 240

10. Arima Boys’ RC & Arima Girls’ RC Schools: Iron Love  - 236.5

11. Point Fortin Anglican Primary School: Dingolay - 236

12. St. Barb’s Govt. Primary School: Hookin Meh  - 213.5


Secondary School Category

1.Naparima Girls’ High & Naparima College: No Weapon  - 278

2.El Dorado East Secondary: Iron Love  - 277

3.Bishop Anstey High School:  Iron Love  - 273

4. Bishop Anstey & Trinity College East: Full of Vibe  - 272

5. St.Francois Girls’ College: Jump And Play Yourself - 269.5

6. St. Mary’s College: Iron Love  - 259

7. St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph: Professor Say - 252

7. St. Augustine Secondary: Bun Dem - 252

9. Providence Girls’ Catholic & QRC Combined: Stranger - 249

10. South East Port of Spain Secondary School: Party Start  - 244


21 and Under Category

1.Shell Invaders Youth: Madness  - 273

2. Massy Trinidad All Stars Youth: Madness  - 269

3.bp Renegades Youth:  Iron Love  - 268

4. First Citizen’s  Supernovas Youth: Rag Storm - 252

5. Desperadoes Youth: So Long  - 251

6. Caribbean Airlines Skiffle Youth: Hulk - 250

7. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Youth: Hookin Meh   - 246

8. Cordettes Academy For The Arts: Mr. Fete  -  243

9. St, Margaret’s Youth: Pan By Storm  - 236

10, MHTL Starlift Youth: Iron Love  - 231

11. Kimberly’s Royal Steel Orchestra: Music (Dingolay) - 222

12. Old Tech Youth:  Hookin Meh  - 216

13. Laventille Road Police Youth Club: Iron Love  -  210

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