Saturday 22 February, 2020

Nat Sec Ministry offers safety tips ahead of tropical wave

The National Security Ministry is joining the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service in asking citizens to be vigilant and pay attention to river levels, especially in areas already impacted by flood.

The statement follows the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service's (TTMS) Bulletin this afternoon, advising that inclement weather is forecast to affect Trinidad and Tobago in 12 to 24 hours from early Wednesday morning.

The TTMS notes that Trinidad and Tobago will experience cloudy conditions accompanied by periods of light to moderate showers or rain, some heavy at times, with an 80% (high) chance of thundershowers.

All necessary measures should be taken to preserve life and property from adverse weather conditions and the Ministry wishes to provide the following advice:

1 Construct flood barriers where necessary to prevent flood waters from entering buildings and homes.

2 Develop a Family Emergency Plan. Make sure all family members know what immediate actions to take to ensure their personal safety.

3 Secure pets and livestock on higher ground.

4 Secure all important documents such as birth certificates, national identification, passports, etc. in waterproof bags or sealed containers.

5 Secure valuables and park vehicles in places that will not become flooded

6 Stay calm. Listen to the radio or television for updated information from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service of Trinidad and Tobago and Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management.

7 Move to upper levels of buildings or houses if the lower levels are threatened by flood waters.

8 Turn off utilities such as electricity, gas and water at the main switches. Do not touch electrical equipment if you are standing in water or are wet as water is a conductor of electricity.

9 Avoid driving through flood waters. However, if no alternate route exists with no other reasonable option but to drive through flood waters, drivers are asked to follow the guidelines released by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.


Members of the public are reminded that the ODPM and the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government have advised that Regional Corporations stand ready to open additional shelters if needed and the following shelters are currently available to impacted persons:

i.        Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation – Mafeking Community Center, 800 - 4672

ii.       Penal Debe Regional Corporation – Woodland Government Primary School, 800 -7372


Members of the public are also asked to note the following if impacted:

1 Contact your Regional Corporation through the designated DMU’s toll-free hotlines. DMU officials will advise on the shelters which are open in your area.

2 Look out for updates from the Ministry of Works and Transport in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for advisories on traffic diversions, updates on impassable routes, major roadworks, and instructions to delay travel.

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