Saturday 24 August, 2019

NCC Chairman hails Carnival 2019 a success

Chairman of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) Winston 'Gypsy' Peters says Carnival 2019 has lived up to the expectations of being the greatest show on earth.

The two-day event kicked off without a hitch on Monday, with everyday citizens and visitors alike, becoming carefree masqueraders chipping, jumping, wining and stomping on the streets in their carnival costumes.

Revellers danced to their favourite tunes behind music trucks while decked in their beads, feathers and colourful garments.

Speaking with Loop TT on Wednesday, the morning following the two-day event, Peters said he has received very little complaints thus far.

"I believe that Carnival was very well. We saw the vibrancy in Carnival, we saw an increase in participation from all reports everywhere that I have been and I have been to all of the points from Mayaro right back down to Port-of-Spain. There is a reported improvement in everything."

Peters said it is too soon to say if anything could have been done differently to allow Carnival celebrations to run more smoothly. However, he assured that the NCC will identify any issues and possible solutions in its Carnival post-mortem. 

More creativity from band leaders

Meanwhile, Peters gave his personal opinion on bands who paraded for the season.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the creativity of some band leaders who he believes failed to execute their themes.

However, one band stood out and that's K2K Alliance.

"I saw one particular band that I personally like; I like K2K, I love the kind of mas that they play. They play mas and if they say they portraying something, you can see when they coming down the street they portraying it. Unlike a whole lot of other things that I'm seeing people saying that they portraying Forest of the East and when you look in the Forest of the East you see one set of people coming down the road with bikinis and stuff; they portraying Rivers of the West and you see a set of people in bikinis coming down the road again; then you see them portraying Out of Space and you see a set of people in bikinis coming down the road."

Safety and security

As it relates to the safety and security of patrons, Peters said he was grateful for all who ensured that the festival was a safe one.

He specifically thanked the TTPS for its role in overlooking the event.

"I want to commend the police, I want to commend the armed forces, I want to commend the security forces of Trinidad and Tobago, they have done very well and from all reports that I have gotten from all the points, we have nothing really seriously untoward that has taken place. Most of everything went pretty smoothly. We had some little incidents here and there but nothing really serious. I want to commend the police service, in particular, they did a great job."


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