Sunday 15 September, 2019

NCRHA in finals for Inter-American Development Bank Innovation Award

Four of the NCRHA’s new healthcare initiatives have been recognized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) for their contribution to national development and healthcare delivery in Trinidad and Tobago.

The initiatives recognized by the IADB include Walk-The-Talk, In-touch, The Community Partnership 1st Response Program (CPR) and SunReach Training for School Teachers.

The NCRHA won the People Choice Award and was also recognized as a finalist in the IDB Development Awards program. NCRHA’s CEO Davlin Thomas said each of the initiatives were extremely successful as The Walk-The-Talk program has screened more than 12,000 persons for non-communicable diseases and was able to deliver urgent care for thousands of persons who were at risk for developing diabetes.

The In-Touch program provided at home care for patients with chronic diseases who were repeatedly visiting the Emergency Department as they were unable to manage their disease on their own. This project screened more than 250 patients and hundreds more family members.

The CPR program trained nearly 100 residents in the rural communities of Blanchisseuse, La Filette and Brasso Seco to be first responders and one of the young graduates saved the life of a young man on the beach. She was awarded a national award for her courage and dedication to put her training into action.

The NCRHA’s SunReach Program trained nearly 100 school teachers to be first responders to recognize dangerous situations at schools and empower them to act to protect and keep our children safe.

IDB’s Country Representative, Rocio J Medina-Bolivar said the Bank will be closely watching the development of the initiatives, as the early achievements of the NCRHA models for delivering quality healthcare will be valuable in other territories that are facing healthcare challenges in the Americas.

Chief Executive Officer Davlin Thomas said the success of the project were a testament to the commitment and dedication of the staff – particularly the nurses, as he thanked the Ministry of Health for supporting their request for additional nurses.

He said the Authority is able to deliver premium healthcare as the NCRHA is fully staffed with its full complement of 620 Registered Nurses (RNs). Davlin also stated that the Authority recently hired additional registered nurses as new positions became available on the establishment and additional nurses that were previously approved by the Board of Directors will soon be hired to expand the number of nurses available to the Authority.

Thomas said the Authority views its nursing staff as heroes, “because apart from delivering premium care to the patients in our clinics and on the wards, they also have been actively involved in our outreach and special projects to save lives within our communities.”

The NCRHA CEO recognised the role of the RN staff who have contributed to the success of several key projects such as Geraldine Hunte, Heather Bethel and Cheryl Williams from the Post Natal Home Care Unit; Vevake Singh, Chemieka John and Angela Spencer from the In-Touch Program; Keston Lewis, Urla Williams and Chiemeka John-Augustine from the Wound Care Unit in Arima; Jamila Thomas, Cheryl Ramsamooj and Reona Bootkoon from the Diabetes Wellness Centre, to name a few.

“The Authority will continue to improve the working environment for our nursing staff by ensuring that the facilities are always well staffed, and medical care and screenings are always available to our team members even after retirement.”

He noted that executive medicals are still being offered to the NCRHA’s retired nursing staff. He said the NCRHA continues to be a premium destination for both medical staff as well as patients, as more than 12,000 persons in the North Central Region have been screened for diabetes and non-communicable diseases while the In-Touch Program has provided in-home care to more than 250 patients and hundreds more family members who are at high risk of developing NCDs.

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