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August 10,2020
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Wednesday 5 August, 2020

New app Zwillo is the e-commerce solution for micro-entrepreneurs

The team behind WiPay recently launched a new online payment system that will make it easy for small businesses and up-and-coming entrepreneurs to engage in e-commerce even if they don't have a website. 

Zwillo--which launched on August 19--is a full logistics payment solution, designed specifically for micro-businesses and new entrepreneurs who may not yet completely have full payment capabilities like larger companies. 

“When we created WiPay, it was meant to address online payments for transactions in Trinidad and Tobago,” said WiPay CEO Aldwyn Payne. “However, WiPay caters to business-to-business transactions, and in order to facilitate it, you have to have it integrated into your website.

“What Zwillo does is take the need for all of that. So if a small entrepreneur sells products through Instagram for example, customers can purchase their goods through the platform’s ‘Pay’ option using credit or debit card. They can make payments within said invoice with credit or debit card, WiPay top-up, or their bank account all within the app."

After customers purchase, the seller will get a delivery QR code and UPS will contact the seller to arrange pickup, scan the code and deliver. Customers will also be sent the code which can be used to track their delivery.

Likening the Zwillo customer experience to that of Amazon’s, Wayne said that the creation of the app was borne out of feedback from WiPay customers.  

“We have over 5,000 customers and we did this because we listened to some of the suggestions that they wanted. Many of them have a website and WiPay allowed them to process payments, but they wanted to have a solution that could be integrated with their social media.

“If you’re an up-and-coming business that doesn’t yet have the ability to pay for a website or integration but you still want to sell your stuff, Zwillo is the perfect tool.”

Zwillo is currently available for Android and iOS.

The addition of Zwillo is the latest development of several for WiPay. The e-commerce platform has been steadily expanding over the last few months, launching in Guyana last December and Jamaica in June. 

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