Tuesday 17 July, 2018

New executive elected to revived PR Association

The new executive of PRATT

The new executive of PRATT

The Public Relations Association of Trinidad and Tobago (PRATT) is back.

The body elected its new seven-member executive on June 13, the first step in revitalising the once vibrant institution to fulfil its mandate to provide guidance and support for PR practitioners in Trinidad and Tobago. 

“A professional association such as PRATT provides a network of support and guidance that practitioners can leverage to ensure greater success in their communication functions. With the onset of digital media, the field of communications has changed significantly. Communication is faster and message intake and information overload has challenged the PR practitioner to be even more creative and concise,” said newly elected PRATT President, Nicole Duke-Westfield.

The professional association which represents PR practitioners in Trinidad and Tobago was established in 1972, aimed at elevating the standard of the PR practice locally and providing support for professionals who share common goals and experiences.

Duke-Westfield acknowledged that mentorship and partnership are important in the development of young PR professionals an association such as PRATT would help to enhance their competencies and knowledge, by bringing together practitioners with a range of experiences and years in the profession.

“PRATT has provided the much needed mentoring resource that helped shaped the careers of many of the established and recognised PR professionals that exist in the business today.” 

Expressing confidence in the PRATT Executive, the President stated that the new team was excited to begin their duties and welcomed the opportunity to, once more, inspire and retain public confidence in the professional practice of PR.  

“PRATT belongs to the PR practitioners of Trinidad and Tobago- the foundation of this association is to support the enhancement of the communications field for all practitioners in the country.”

The new executive is currently engaged in a series of strategic planning sessions to chart the way forward for the new PRATT and the next General Meeting is expected to take place in September 2017. Interested practitioners can email info.pratt@gmail.com for more information.