Monday 30 March, 2020

New King and Queen of Carnival crowned

 Ted Eustace and Roxanne Omalo. Photo: Dillon De Shong

Ted Eustace and Roxanne Omalo. Photo: Dillon De Shong

The merry monarch has arrived and crowned Ted Eustace and Roxanne Omalo as the new King and Queen of Carnival, last night, at Dimanche Gras.

This is Eustace’s fourth win and the 15 for the family of Carnival Kings.

He portrayed “Lords of the Savannah,” which was a hydraulic float that comprised giant replicas of the Pierrot Grenade and Midnight Robber, to earn 408 points (pts).

Ted Eustace Lords of De Savannah. Photo: Kwame Boatswain

 “We used a way to move the costume rather than the traditional way.  It’s the new technology and we tried to bring it to the mas. We brought the Pierrot Grenade and Midnight Robber to life tonight. We are bringing back the old but in a very good way,” Eustace said after his victory.

The costume took three months to build and cost about $120,000 to make.

 It was designed by his brother Marcus and built by a team of artisans that included Kevin Robertson.

Meanwhile, Omalo was thankful for the second title and she said it was a fitting way to end her 10-year career in the annual Queen of Carnival competition.

 Roxanne Omalo- Mother of Dragons. Photo: Kwame Boatswain

“We came out this year to recapture our victory from 2018. I went on stage and did what I had to do,” Omalo stated as she added that her hand was also broken.

She will not be bowing out of Carnival completely since she has plans to produce a Kiddies Carnival band.

Here are the Full results:

Carnival Queen Competition

1 Roxanne Omalo- Mother of Dragons

2 Sevel Nichols The Power of Love

3 Kerina Badal Guardian of the Horned Serpent

4 Jonell Dick- Aziza the Guardian of Lust

5 Savitre Holassie- Wrath of the Sea Witch

6 Mary George-Le Fue- Maman! Le Feu! (The Fire, Mama! The Fire!)

7 Kay Mason- Venetian Beauty

8 Peola Marchand- War of Conquest

9 Krystal Thomas-De Mating Dance

10 Amanda “Bailey” Mc Clean-The Maize Goddess-Goddess of Corn + Revival of Life


Carnival King Competition

1 Ted Eustace Lords of De Savannah

2 Joseph Lewis- “Zharvakko”-The Voudun King of Death

3 Marlon Rampersad-Cyrus the Great

4 Raymond Mark “Lust”-The Beast that Consumes

5 Adrian Young-Daddy Jumbie/Papa Jumbie

6 Christoper D’eath-Winder of spider clock

7 Patrick Roberts Jr- The Red Dragon Lives Again, Thanks Mr Prime Minister

8 Earl Thompson-The Love of Power

9 Russell Grant- Montezuma, Deposed Emperor of the Aztecs

10 Ravi Lakhan- Diablo-Lord of Conflict and Terror

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