Wednesday 28 October, 2020

New service CurbCab boasts superior ridesharing experience

CurbCab is the newest ride-hailing service on the scene.

CurbCab is the newest ride-hailing service on the scene.

CurbCab is Trinidad and Tobago’s newest ride-hailing platform that aims to fill the void left by Uber.

The company, formed in August this year, boasts the lowest prices on the local market.

CEO Richard Roopnarine tells Loop he saw a need for a more competitively priced local option that emphasised rider service, safety and driver satisfaction, following his experiences with other rideshare services in Trinidad.

He emphasised the company’s customer-centric, entrepreneurial and environmental ideals.

Roopnarine said: “CurbCab is focused on creating a superior rideshare experience to increase overall rideshare usage to benefit the local economy, provide self-employment opportunities, decrease impaired driving, and improve the environment via a reduction in auto emissions.”

The CurbCab app is available for download via the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Roopnarine explained how the app works.

Passengers can connect with pre-screened drivers via the app.

When a CurbCab passenger submits a request for transportations services via the app, a trip request is automatically submitted to the nearest available CurbCab driver. The accepting Curbcab driver is directed to the passenger’s location and takes them to the desired location.

Roopnarine said riders can rest assured that drivers are vetted, undergoing strict pre-screening requirements before they can provide services. All drivers are required to complete a defensive driving course and submit a Police Certificate of Character that must be renewed annually.

The app also carries a safety feature which gives passengers an extra layer of comfort.

“CurbCab puts safety first and its app includes an Emergency Mode that passengers can activate if they ever feel unsafe on a trip. When activated Emergency Mode shares the user’s location with emergency contacts and allows them to contact the local police. The CurbCab system is also programmed to the local police emergency number (999),” the company’s CEO said.

And, in the context of COVID-19, Roopnarine said CurbCab meets or exceeds all of the recommended standards for COVID-19 sanitation. He said drivers follow strict hygiene and vehicle cleaning protocols.

Drivers as well as passengers are required to wear masks.

CurbCab is also sure to be a draw with drivers as it claims they’ll earn more than they would with local competitors.

Roopnarine said he aims to first ensure driver satisfaction, which he believes leads to happier customers.

“CurbCab believes that when drivers are more fairly compensated, they are more satisfied with their job - which translates to a more positive customer experience. With our Zero commission promotion drivers will earn the entire taxi fare until the 31st October 2020,” he said.

He said the service is for anyone in need of transportation for business or leisure.

“It is ideal for those want to spend a night out on the town, want to reduce their carbon footprint by getting rides to work, whose personal car is being repaired, do not feel comfortable driving to large capacity events or anyone who simply wants the convenience that CurbCab offers in getting from Point A to Point B.”

He gave the commitment that riders will find their CurbCab experience unlike any other currently offered.

“As a locally owned and operated company, we have a vested interest in the local community that we call home. We want to provide a superior rideshare experience for our neighbours at the lowest rates on the market to make the rideshare experience more accessible to everyone – especially during these difficult times.”

CurbCab is continually adding new services and guarantees the lowest rates. Passengers now have the option of scheduled bookings and fare estimates. Features that will allow for stops and pickups at multiple destinations are currently being added.

To find out more about CurbCab, visit them on Facebook and Instagram or contact them at 1 (868) 265-4764.

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