Monday 6 July, 2020

New TTPS app connects public with police

Imagine being able to report criminal activities to the police in real-time, or even alert the police and your friends if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Well, the new app from the T&T Police Service, See Something Say Something, does just that. 

The app, which was available for download on Apple and Android devices on November 1, was launched at the weekly police media briefing on Wednesday. 

The app is meant to make the services of the TTPS easily accessible to citizens and residents within the jurisdiction.

Citizens are assured that all reports made via the app will be received and processed with the same degree of importance as a police report at their respective police stations.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith urged the public to work with law enforcement officers to help eradicate crime in communities by making use of the technology.

“For the TTPS to be successful, we need information, guidance and support, and we need the public to work hand in hand with us.

“This provides a perfect avenue for you, who are concerned about fear of reprisal.”

While the app uses mobile data, not all of its features require data to be turned on to function.

Head of the Operations Command Centre Sgt Ashraf Ali detailed the key features of the app and explained how it would work.

“People who have the app will receive emergency alerts on their devices, even if there is no mobile data. Data points will be strategically located to give information to the public. Data points are not static and will be created when incidents happen.”

Officers at the TTPS Operational Command Centre receive all crime reports and emergency messages and will dispatch these reports to emergency responders or to the relevant police station or unit.

Ali assured that all information submitted via the app is confidential, as only officers at the Command Centre assigned to respond to these reports will have the necessary permissions to access information shared via the app.

The app’s “SOS” feature allows users to alert police and up to five emergency contacts if they find themselves in a situation that threatens their safety.

When activated, police can access immediate location information to render immediate assistance.

But, be warned that inappropriate use of the feature would attract a penalty of six months in prison and a fine of $1,000 for wasting police time.

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