Friday 6 December, 2019

NGO leader condemns man who allegedly withdrew donation over religion

NGO leader Zahir Ali said he was hurt by the response of one man who, after promising to donate materials for two children, withdrew his promise because the girls were not of the same religion.

In a post to Facebook, Ali, who heads the Hope for Life Foundation, said the man's response was disappointing as the two girls, aged seven and eight, are very poor and without a proper home. Ali said the children do not even have television and it's unlikely that they have ever visited a shopping mall, cinema or KFC. 

"I honestly try not to do any Facebook post pertaining with negativity but I am so hurt this evening by a certain individual who made a pledge to assist (the two girls). I am so upset that I am questioning myself, are we really believers in God?"

"(These two girls) do not have the privilege to enjoy the comfort and luxury as many children...There is no television or remote game. There is no shops close by; transportation is a story by itself and I am positive they never visited a mall, cinema or KFC."

"I am so disappointed that a gentleman will call and make a pledge towards the galvanize for the house we at HFLF together with Couva Talparo Tabaquite Regional Corporation is building for this family and this afternoon questioned me about the religion these two innocent children belongs too and when I gave my reply he decided to withdraw his pledge because the children do not belong to his religion."

"I am left speechless, hurt, angry just wish I could have given him the reply I wanted too but I abstained because I am better than that," he said.

Ali said his group is not aligned with any religion and condemned the donor who refused to help the girls, who live in Brasso Venado and do not have a proper home to live in.

"This humanitarian service we at Hope for Life Foundation are not aligned to any religion or race. This free service is for all of humanity. It does not matter what political party you belong too, who you pray too, your ethnicity or the colour of your skin.

"This is why we will not be happy and remain living in this gloomy society. Can you imagine because of religion you will deprive yourself from helping two innocent little girls? This is where we have reached," he said.

Ali is asking for contributions or cash of materials toward building a home for the girls. 

A list of the material needed is as follows:


2 by 4 by 12 – 8 Lengths

1 by 4 by 12 – 8 Lengths

1 by 8 by 12 – 5 Lengths

2 by 4 by 14 – 14 Lengths

1 by 4 by 14 – 20 Lengths

Galvanize Sheets – 12 Sheets

Ringe Cap – 3 Lengths

Flashing – 9 Lengths

Screws Assorted (Roofing/Tech Point 20 Lbs.)

32 by 80 Aluminum Door Frame – 2

36 by 80 Aluminum Door Frame – 2

Should you be willing to donate items from the above-mentioned list or make a financial contribution contact the Hope for Life Foundation on 731-0306/ 296-5120 or any of the following persons:

Zahir Ali: 756-9846

Dark Wraith (Dave): 741-4057

Ryan Kamal: 462-4332

Therese Lisa Ali: 785-5264

Shastine Mohammed: 683-0350

Dianne Jobity: 723-6329

Glenda Rampersad: 729-4300

Sabita Balrup-Singh: 309-7663

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