Wednesday 21 October, 2020

Nicole Dyer-Griffith to contest leadership of COP

Nicole Dyer-Griffith was the interim leader of the Alliance of Independents and former Chairman of the Congress of the People, now, she has set her eyes to contest the leadership position of the COP.

The party’s internal election is set to take place on July 9th.

Dyer-Griffith is up against former Deputy political leader of the party, Dr Sharon Gopaul McNicol and Former San Fernando West MP Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan.

In a statement, Dyer-Griffith explained why she chose to join the race for the party’s leadership.

"I had no choice but to return to the Congress of the People and seek the mantle of leadership of the party. I had no choice because my love for this twin island and the precarious position we find ourselves in, leaves me no choice. I simply have to take a stand."

Seeking to rally supporters, she stated that the time has come to reclaim Trinidad and Tobago and bring it back to its former glory as an island of paradise. She also expressed her intention to give Trinidad and Tobago the leadership it deserves. 

“Our country is at the crossroads.

We are fast approaching the point of no return.

We can't look to the government for solving the problems because the government is the problem, we can't look to the opposition for alternatives because the opposition isn't the alternative, we can't look to any politician for answers because so many of the politicians are questionable themselves.

I am here to claim stewardship over the COP and to reclaim its rightful place as "the party of the future" by addressing the substance of all that is needed today and I begin by humbly asking for your support as I begin the process of earning it.

Two words will encapsulate the re-emergence of the COP as we reclaim Trinidad and Tobago to be the paradise it once was...

Rise Up!”

Dyer-Griffith said through her, COP members will see innovative ideas that can make a difference overnight if implemented.

She said she was aware of the level of dedication, commitment and sacrifice required to successfully rebuild the party, but said she was confident that she has what it takes to make it work.

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