Sunday 20 May, 2018

No "number 2" allowed? 3-year-old allegedly denied use of toilet at Tobago preschool

Speaking to LoopTT, Georgiana Alexander said her son and daughter, who both attend the Plymouth Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Centre, came home from school on March 16, however her son was picked up after school with dried faeces in his pants and on his legs.

Upon enquiring for more details, her son and daughter told her that the boy said he wanted to use the bathroom 'for number two', but he said the teacher told him that he could only urinate.

"They said she told him he could go, but he could only do number one, not number two. My children would not make up those stories."

Alexander said that the boy, as a result, soiled his pants, and was found in that condition by the driver which Alexander had hired to drop and pick them up from school.

When she asked why he was not changed into a spare change of clothes which was included in his bag, she was told that the clothes were not the school uniform.

As a result, she said her son was left in his own mess for approximately two hours before being sent home.

Alexander, who suffers from Lupus, said she is upset and confused as to why the teacher would have prohibited her child from relieving himself and then leaving her son in that condition.

She said however that the teacher in question has since contacted her to apologise, however, she wants to ensure this does not happen again, adding that since the incident, her son is afraid to return to school.

"She called me this morning saying that this has never happened before, and that she was sorry and that it wouldn't happen again."

"She said that my son messed himself while he was asleep, but I think that is highly unlikely, that has never happened before."

"I am waiting for someone to take me to the Ministry of Education to lodge a formal complaint; because of my illness I cannot go out into the sun as it would be detrimental to me," she said.

She said since the incident she is teaching her son at home until it is sorted out, adding that her son has only been attending the school since January this year.

"My child could have gotten sick, right now there is a stomach bug going around, other children could have gotten sick as well. It is really unhygienic to allow that. It was all over his leg, and it was dried because it had been there for so long."

"He was upset when he got home, I asked him if he would like to go back to school and he said 'no, I don't want to go there'."

"If I could have afforded it I would not have sent him to that school. This is the last straw, I'm done with the school system here."

"Homeschooling has become my only option now because I'm not going to let people mess with my children's self-esteem."

Calls to the school have gone unanswered.